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9/15/09 11:31:01AM
It appears that Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, the brother of former Pride and UFC champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, will make his Octagon debut at UFC 106 against Luis Cane. A report by Loretta Hunt of citing sources close to the negotiations said the bout has been verbally agreed to. sources confirmed the report.

Nogueira (17-3) has been on a five-fight winning streak that began following a loss to Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou at Pride 33 in early 2007. He has kept busy traveling across the globe fighting in Japan, the United States, and Canada since the closure of Pride.

Cane (10-1) has quickly risen to contention in the UFC light heavyweight division defeating Sokoudjou, Steve Cantwell, and Jason Lambert. His only stumble since entering the Octagon was a disqualification loss to James Irvin at UFC 79 due to an illegal knee to the head while Irvin was down.

UFC 106 is scheduled to take place on Nov. 21 at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas. UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is expected to defend his title against Shane Carwin in the main event and Tito Ortiz returns to the Octagon to face Mark Coleman.

Nogueira vs Cane UFC106
9/16/09 1:10:00AM
This is an awesome match up that will put both men to the pick for FOTN!
9/16/09 1:13:29AM
The title of this thread is wrong. It's not Minotauro vs. Cane. It's Antonio Rogerio Neguiera. Antonio Rodrigo is Minotauro. Rogerio is his brother. Very misleading and confusing. That's how rumors get started. Minotauro is not dropping down to Light Heavyweight.
9/16/09 11:05:51AM
It's not wrong. It clearly says "Minotoro", which is Rogerio's nickname.
9/16/09 2:42:48PM
Not confusing if you know mma bro, we all know Lil Nog came to the UFC and that he is a LHW and so is Cane. Even if he had messed it up it is forgivable, their parents giving identical bothers near identical names is NOT!
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