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1/8/09 1:10:31PM
“I’m absolutely sure that [Silva] didn’t take boldenone or any other prohibited substance. The hearing with the Commission was a joke, they didn’t listen to the evidence. I continue to completely support Bigfoot and I accept any consequence that will come to me, but we’ll continue our fight until the end. Their hearing (on February 10) is to screw us, but we’re going to civil justice against them. It is the first time that this will be done, we’ll go until the end. We’re right and we’re not afraid of them, they’re wrong. They tried to coerce us (not to fight in Japan) and now they sent a letter to Bigfoot. We’re here, we’re not going to run away. If it’s necessary, Bigfoot fights until the end of his life in Japan, that’s not a problem.”

1/8/09 1:14:06PM
"I will fight no more forever....where they have testing.

lol sorry I couldnt resist
1/8/09 1:15:55PM
What a shame! You have to admit there isn't too much for him over seas right now. Affliction has the best heavys then the UFC I hope they get this all worked out.

Maybe the Lack of HW over there will make him a star and will be better in the end,
1/8/09 1:49:10PM
I wish we could give "anti props" or " - props".
1/8/09 3:27:08PM
1/8/09 3:43:21PM
Only really two options here for him in the States, Affliction or UFC. I wouldnt say strikeforce.

But maybe the fans outside the US will like him.
1/8/09 4:13:06PM
Where's the link?
1/8/09 5:03:59PM
I don't know if I want to believe Bigfoot because he could just be playing us all so he can use steroids...
1/8/09 10:00:59PM
I am at a crossroads here. i thought that he wasn't heard justly and possibly not guilty of the infraction. But then to take action like this makes me think he has somthing to hide. A good /untested HW that has lots of potential but wont ever fight anyone worth the time spent training.
1/8/09 10:30:30PM
Good for him, F the CSAC, bring as much publicity to the virus that is the CSAC as possible. I wouldn't fight in the US either if i was him, especially with nothing to hide at all.

They're excercising Nazi power for no reason.
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