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7/20/07 12:30:24PM
If you were building the prototypical UFC heavyweight, you would probably come up with someone closely resembling Holland’s Antoni Hardonk: Six foot four, 245 pounds, trained in kickboxing by Ernesto Hoost, schooled in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Rickson Gracie, and blessed with a fighter’s heart and the willingness to learn.

7/20/07 12:39:59PM
If his fight with McCully is any indication, he is much more a work in progress than he is dangerous.
7/20/07 12:46:18PM
apparently he needs a few more sessions w. Rickson, he couldnt lock in an armbar when McCully was begging for it at a few different junctures in the bout. They should match him up w. some other striker who'll be willing to trade on the feet, perhaps Kongo if he falls to CC.
7/23/07 2:48:07AM
After seeing him fight I am fully convinced that it is not about the style or the person you train under. It really is all about the athlete.
7/24/07 10:43:52PM
Give the guy a break!

Do any of you train BJJ, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, etc?! How would you like "one" fight to be the grand total of your abilities?

Wow, judge much?

It was a good article, let's see what Hardonk has learned. Mir should be a decent test of his TD.

I know it is easier to pass judgment and make biting remarks, so carry on!
7/25/07 7:06:12PM
Alright, I'll give him a chance. If he does well this fight I will be the first person to give him his props.
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