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3/30/11 2:02:42PM
What are your top 5 most anticipated fights to you since you started watching MMA? I started getting into MMA around UFC 70. First I was only watching UFC then I started to pick up on other MMA organizations like Strikeforce, DREAM, etc.

Mine Include:

5. Liddell vs Jackson 2 / Liddell vs Silva
4. Couture vs Lesnar
3. Fedor vs Sylvia
2. GSP vs Penn 2
1. Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson

Honorable Mentions: Machida vs Shogun 2, Evans vs Machida, Faber vs Brown 2, Faber vs Aldo, Lesnar vs Mir, Fedor vs Rogers, Henderson vs Shields, Shogun vs Jon Jones
3/30/11 2:07:28PM
Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell
Mirko Cro-Cop vs Wanderlei Silva 2
Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping (i knew the outcome would be brutal)
Dan Henderson vs Wanderlei Silva 2
Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin
3/30/11 3:30:45PM
Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard 2 and 3. Second fight was a slugfest, but I Cant wait to see the finish (hopefully)

Jon Jones vs Shogun Rua

Penn vs Fitch 2. Again cant wait for a finish.

I wanted to see Rampage vs Thiago Silva if that counts.

BJ Penn vs GSP 2

Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar 2

Couture vs Machida
3/30/11 3:32:57PM
Liddell vs. Ortiz 2
Liddell vs. Ortiz 3 (Never happened)
Silva vs. Sonnen
Valesquez vs. Lesnar
Lesnar vs. Couture
3/30/11 3:45:25PM
Cain vs Lesnar
Rua vs Jones

I thought u meant who I want to see but read some replies
3/30/11 4:02:53PM

Posted by kingsmasher

Cain vs Lesnar
Rua vs Jones

I thought u meant who I want to see but read some replies

I thought the same thing.

I'm probably forgetting a lot of highly anticipated fights (My memory is awful) but I'll give this a shot.

Jones vs. Shogun (I was preparing myself for the excitement of this fight long before 127 was over)

A. Silva vs. Belfort (The forums and the ufc did an incredible job of hyping this fight for me. When it was first announced I had Silva by 1st round ko but by the time the day of the fight came around I had this as an absolute war with Silva coming out the victor in a long, hard fought battle)

Liddell vs. Rampage I and II (I'll group these together since I was equally excited before both fights. The second fight I saw on my birthday so I'll give the slight edge there. I picked Liddell in the first fight and Rampage for a 3rd round ko in the second fight. I was wrong both times but it didn't matter since they were both great fights. The elbows Rampage landed to Chuck's body in the 1st fight were some of the most vicious body shots I've ever seen, till this day.)

GSP vs. T.Alves (At the time I thought Alves was the only guy able to beat GSP in the WW division. He was an elite striker with solid takedown defense. I had him winning a decision or at least putting up a solid effort in a losing decision. GSP really showed me in that fight what he was capable of doing.)

Fedor vs. Cro Crop (I mean what can I say about this fight? Both legends fighting in their prime. This fight was hyped beyond belief and it didn't disappoint. Anyone who hasn't watched the PRIDE events I seriously suggest watching them. PM me.)

There are so many more but there's a few of my personal favourites.
3/30/11 4:49:10PM
Randy vs. Timmy. I just remember there being so much anticipation because he had retired. I went insane when he knocked Big Tim down with the first punch. Then he beat Gonzaga later that year and Gonzaga was a scary dude at the time after what he did to CC. That is the one that stands out in my memory is the return of Couture.
3/31/11 1:44:07AM
5. Frank Mir vs Brock Lesnar 1 ( Wanted to see the pro wrestler try his hand at MMA)
4. Roy Nelson vs Frank Mir ( No idea why but I can't wait to see this fight!)
3. Randy Couture vs Chuck Liddell 3 (Completion of the trilogy)
2. Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort (couldn't wait for this match up)
1. Crocop vs Fedor nuff said
3/31/11 2:42:11AM
1. hendo vs Wanderlei (hendo is my fav fighter)
2. lesnar vs couture (my buddy and I told all the rednecks that lesnar wouldnt win... eh)
3. shogun vs jones (first time I"ve been excited for a fight in a while)
4. jackson vs liddell 2, (i was still in the military and couldn't wait to see all the marines be upset that liddell lost, this is before everyone knew about pride)
5. hendo vs A. silva ( I really thought hendo had a chance.)
3/31/11 10:21:01AM
1. Fedor vs Crocop (@ the time they were arguably the #1 and #2 heavyweights in the world)
2. Sakuraba vs Royce Gracie (Given the fact that there was no time limit and the fact that Saku beat other members of his family made this highly anticipated)
3. Wanderlei vs Liddel (a dream match I thought would never happen)
4. Brock vs Cain (Size vs technique)
5. Hendo vs Wanderlei (Dan had the opportunity to wear 2 belts at the same time)

Honorable mentions:
GSP vs Jake Shields #1 WW in the UFC vs #1 WW outside the UFC
Aoki vs Melendez
3/31/11 6:07:16PM
i will do one better

my top 5 most live anticipated fights i have seen

1. wandy vs lidell still best fight ever i saw live!!!!!!

2. lesnar vs mir rematch could not walk anywhere in vegas with out getting booed wearing a lesnar t shirt

3. rampage vs evans bad blood at its finest too bad match sucked!!!

4. couture vs james toney boxer vs mma fighter randy schooled him!!!

5. lesnar vs velasquez cain showed he is the future

honorable mention

rampage vs wandy
hendo vs bisping
and edgar vs penn 2
3/31/11 7:07:25PM
5. Shogun vs Lyoto II
4.Cain vs Brock
3.Rampage vs Wanderlei III
2.Couture vs Chuck III
1. Fedor vs Crocop (shame that this match didnt make more people's lists)
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