What is/was the most anticipated fight in MMA history?

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7/28/08 5:28:28PM
Which fight do you think was the most or is anticipated in mma history? Personally I think Chuck vs. Wanderlei was, but Randy/Fedor is up there now.
7/28/08 5:38:49PM
it was chuck vs wandy. there isnt much hype around randy/fedor anymore that kinda has died off lately.
7/28/08 5:52:17PM
I would say Royce VS Sakuraba 1.
7/28/08 6:04:08PM
Fedor Vs Mirko.

EDIT: Honorable mentions, besides the ones already stated, Chuck Vs Tito.
7/28/08 6:29:46PM
Tito/Shamrock 1

Tito/Chuck 1

both huge fights for their time imagine what kind of nubers those fights would draw today hell the second fights drew huge numbers
7/28/08 6:42:00PM
I agree with the ones stated above

I guess i can add

Penn Vs Pulver II....Maybe not overly anticipated but there was some bad blood there.

Hughes Vs Serra if it happens.

7/28/08 6:44:20PM
Tito vs. Chuck would probably have to take it. There was a lot of hype built up for Fedor vs. CC, and that's a fight that actually lived up to the hype, but I don't think it was anticipated as badly for as long. Nor was it filled with as much bad blood on each side.
7/28/08 7:10:18PM
7/28/08 7:15:39PM
Faber vs. pulver
7/28/08 7:25:57PM
Mark Coleman vs Maurice Smith was a highly anticipated fight when it happened.
7/28/08 8:01:08PM
Liddell-Couture 3. One of the first big fights to get a lot of advertising.
7/28/08 8:53:17PM
7/28/08 10:28:19PM
In the American market I think Liddell-Rampage or Ortiz-Shamrock I got the most mainstream advertising and attention.

If you talk about world-wide then none of those fights can compare to the hype of Yoshida-Ogawa or Sapp-Akebono.

For hardcore MMA fans I think GSP-Penn was the most hyped fight as it featured 2 of the 3 most popular p4p guys at the time.
7/28/08 10:56:56PM

Posted by fullerene

For hardcore MMA fans I think GSP-Penn was the most hyped fight as it featured 2 of the 3 most popular p4p guys at the time.

Which means the supposed, well who are we kidding, we wanna see it regardless the outcome next Sat. with Fitch, fight with Penn at the end of the year would make that I think, even more anticipating than the GSP/Penn 1.
Now as bad as Syvia got thrashed by Fedor, I think the Couture fight lost a little of it's luster, otherwise that was building up to be one of the biggest.
Tito vs. Ken 1, Tito vs. Chuck 1 and 2, and Tito vs. Randy were some of the biggest, and otherwise anticipated fights in UFC/MMA history.
The Liddell/Silva matchup was the fight I had waited for the longest though, so that one is up there. I really wish that would of been a Champ. fight, even though Chuck would've still took a decision I believe, but it lived up to the hype, and Wandy was reborn in the UFC/MMA scene here in the states.
I'm sure the Silva/Sakuraba fights, or any of Sakuraba/Yoshida fights in Japan were as anticipated as any fight here, in the U.S.
For the future...
Shogun/Coleman 2, Wandy/Tito 2?, Wandy/Liddell 2, Any fight between the Spider, the Prodigy, or Rush would be up there, Faber moving up for BJ maybe,...and just for sh@#$ and giggles...I'm anticipating a Fedor/Kimbo Slice execution. How bout that one?
7/29/08 12:00:41AM

Blake Bowman vs Andy Wang
7/29/08 2:23:04AM
1. Chuck/ Wanderlei
2. Tito/ Chuck
3. Hughes/ Pierre 2

Fedor/ Couture to me would get the 2 spot if it happened. Even though pride is dead, it is exciting to see the best from both worlds go at it. Chuck and Wanderlei could fight 100 times and it would still be exciting
7/29/08 9:57:20AM
Chuck / Tito

Fedor / CroCop

Chuck / Wand

Rickson / Sakuraba *(although it never happened)
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