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5/2/11 10:33:20AM
Things didn’t go as smoothly for his entrance into the UFC as he had hoped, but Anthony Pettis still has a title shot in his future with a win in June.

The final WEC lightweight champion was on a collision course with the winner of Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard for his first fight in the Octagon, but an unexpected draw forced Pettis to wait on the sidelines.

Not wishing to sit out for an extended period of time, Pettis opted to accept a fight against Clay Guida in the main event of “The Ultimate Fighter Season 13? finale coming up in June. The division has also continued to develop new contenders as well.

5/2/11 11:15:55AM
Guida might spoil that fight...Based on Ben not finishing Bocek and more than likely spent a ton of energy on his guillotine attempt...I would say thr top guys in the WEC arent ready for top guys in the UFO...Guida is on the up with Greg Jackson....I say if this was a five rounder Clay Guida easily...but since its three more than like pettis is a disappointing showing...
5/2/11 12:12:21PM
I'm picking Guida to win here. He's going to frustrate Pettis and earn a decision.
5/2/11 12:41:08PM
I bet Guida thinks he should get the title shot if he beats Pettis, he would have a valid point though.
5/2/11 1:34:42PM
i talked with Jim Miller at the fan expo and he said he is most likely getting the winner of Pettis/Guida. so maybe he gets Guida if he wins?
5/2/11 2:19:13PM
Clay Guida deserves it also

Clay has added subs 2 his game, and used several different subs 2 win his past 3 fights Clay has some good wins and a lot of close fights that he lost but were razor close
also Clay beat Nate, and had what i believe was a draw with guida, without those elbows from the bottom at the end, Clay had the 2nd and 3rd in my opinion, but it was a great war regardless

I agree that WEC fighters are a little behind UFC, but i think they have better subs and sub defense, as Bendo showed
Pettis is nasty on his back and standing, but Clay has great sub defense, i can see either one winning this fight.
5/2/11 2:53:48PM
No Ben Henderson is just a freak of nature with his neck or something...Alot of WEC fighters get caught but something I thing Henderson must have some sort of small next or something because that was not his first...
5/2/11 4:51:21PM
Looks like main event in denver

Maynard or edgar vs pettis. If he loses. Then jim miller
5/2/11 10:47:01PM
Pettis by razor thin split decision
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