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12/17/10 6:57:05PM
I cant believe for the life of me there hasnt been a thread made about the kick that "Showtime" landed on Ben "Smooth" Henderson in the 5th and final rnd of their WEC title fight....not even in the "other orgs" section!!! The kick itself was somthing out of a movie. Aanother inch or so and Smooth wouldn't have gotten up!! here's a link to the kick. This one is even beter than Pablo garza's flying knee KO........and Pettis didn't even end the fight!! linkage!!
12/17/10 7:00:20PM
12/17/10 7:05:50PM
Nah, he's more like Donnie Yen.
12/17/10 7:09:37PM
How about Bendo's chin.
12/17/10 9:01:16PM
No doubt!!! The knee he caught coming in on the TD was even worse than the kick!
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