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8/18/08 6:37:36AM
Seeming to have put the controversial TKO "eye poke loss" behind him, Anthony Johnson recently noted that while he wasn't happy with the fight's outcome, he's put it behind him and is planning to return to UFC in October. He could be cleared for a September return but Johnson plans to play it safe and wait a little longer.

8/18/08 11:33:09AM
Im hoping johnson comes back with alittle better preformance than he did against burns, aside from the eye pokes. Johnson did'nt look as sharp as he has in his previous fights. He looked some what gassed from all that weight he has to cut.
8/18/08 4:35:36PM
oct is booked but he could fight in nov maybe against kos or markham
8/18/08 4:40:27PM
Can't wait to see "Rumble" back. I like his style. I have never seen a boring Anthony Johnson fight. I'm wondering who he'll fight though. I'd like to see a Rory Markham/Anthony Johnson fight though. But, since there both relatively new they probably won't put them up against each other. They will want to build them up first.
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