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8/25/09 10:26:23AM
Anthony Johnson's climb up the UFC's 170-pound ladder has been a slow but steady one. After competing in the Octagon for two-plus years, most fighters usually receive a shot against a top contender to see if they are ready to fight elite talent. And while "Rumble" has yet to face the best welterweights the UFC has to offer, he will meet perhaps his toughest opponent to date in the form of Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 104 in October.

FanHouse spoke to Johnson about his recent knee injury and fighting Yoshida. Check out the full video interview below.

8/25/09 11:15:17AM
I think Yoshida was considered by some to be top ten before his ko loss to will be good to see Rumble in this type of fight...It will give us a good gauge on how good he really is. And IMO I think yoshida is in trouble.
8/25/09 12:21:03PM
I agree, Yoshida is going to get KTFO'd by Rumble!!! He's an up and coming talent and can possibly be a champion some day, IMO.
8/25/09 12:23:59PM
I definitely think hes ready. I love this fight, its a great test for him but I just think he hits too hard, has too good takedown defense for somebody whos not even a wrestler and not even that big and I dont think he'll get close to enough to use in judo on Johnson because of that sick huge reach advantage Johnson will have on him so he'll just box from a distance and with that devastating speed and power I think he puts Yoshida to sleep. Then hopefully gets to step up against I think the Trigg/Koschek loser would be appropriate.
8/25/09 2:43:13PM
I'm hoping that the fight actually goes more than 1 round....I want to see Johnsons complete skillset and Yoshida could help reveal those skills.
8/25/09 4:03:25PM
I think the question is, does Yoshida's KO loss to Koscheck really represent his striking ability/chin? Would one gauge how far Koscheck has come in his striking (and his chin) based on his loss to Thiago?

I've gone back and fourth on Johnson during his last few fights. In some he looks almost unstoppable and others he looks average on his feet. It will be an interesting fight nonetheless and I think a win for Johnson may not be "in the bag" as people are giving him credit for.
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