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12/14/08 11:09:29AM
I cant remember so clearly but after Johnson got that amazing badass head kick on burns. I think Johnson was flopping on the floor. I was wondering if anyone else saw that or if it was just me.

then if it did happen, could someone fight a gif of it.

because it looked funny. props to whoever.
12/14/08 2:29:32PM
Ya i saw it, it was pretty funny my uncle said he looked like a fish popping out of the water

12/14/08 3:31:19PM
it was weird but very funny.
12/14/08 7:20:09PM
i found it but i dont know how to put it on here..
12/14/08 8:01:18PM
It did look funny like a fish out of water,or like he was break- dancing or something..
12/14/08 9:33:12PM
I think he was doing "the Curly shuffle" Props to Johnson. That fight was a war and then BANG he put an end to it. Can't wait to see both him and burns back in action. Both could have a great future in the UFC.
12/14/08 10:11:47PM
That was because he wasnt expecting to finish it in this manner..
12/15/08 5:06:37PM
think he was also poundin his chest while he was on the floor...
12/16/08 2:36:54AM
he landed pretty hard when he did that...I wonder if he made the cage......................................"Rumble"........
12/16/08 9:45:28AM
Yeah it was pretty funny looking that kick was PHENOMENAL!
12/16/08 9:54:36AM
i'd be doing something like that too after such a KO and he really impressed me with that fight.
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