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7/27/12 2:54:34AM
The former welterweight and middleweight contender will face veteran Esteves Jones at Titan Fighting 24, which airs live on AXS TV on Friday, August 24.

“I’m excited to make my light heavyweight debut on August 24 in Kansas City for all the Titan Championship fans,” said Johnson. “I respect my opponent, but he’s in my way to get to the top of this new division. I’m looking forward to showing everyone my strength and power at 205, and exactly what I am capable of at this weight.”

Also added to the Titan Fighting 24 card is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion Braulio Estima, who makes his MMA debut on the upcoming show.

While Estima is considered one of the top grapplers in the world, he came into the MMA spotlight recently when he accepted a jiu-jitsu match with UFC bad boy Nick Diaz. Unfortunately, Diaz ultimately no showed the event and Estima went without a grappling match that night, but the exposure definitely didn’t hurt his introduction to MMA fans.

7/27/12 3:34:25AM
Honestly he should have come into the UFC at 185 and saved his body from all the harm he caused it cutting to 170. Now he can't even cut to 185 and will in the regional shows for the rest of his career.

7/27/12 9:43:35AM
Come on Rumble, you got this! It's just you and gravity vs the scale, don't let me down.
7/27/12 4:58:14PM
These extremely high level grapplers that crossover to MMA sometimes disappoint, but I am very excited for Estima's debut. At 6'3 and 170 pounds I expect some great submission victories if he stays in MMA.
7/27/12 5:31:37PM
It's a shame Johnson has gotten himself in this situation. He had/has a ton of potential. Like you said, he should have been a Middleweight right from the start. Who knows where he'd be now. Oh well. I'd like to see a 1st round knockout from him. His opponent has been stopped before by lesser fighters. A UD is pretty likely though.

EDIT: Almost forgot about Estima. He could definitely lose here. His opponent is very capable of knocking him out quickly, especially if Braulio can't take him down. I'd probably bet on Holland and pick Estima.