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7/6/09 10:53:04PM
Its good to be here and I think the site is a great idea.

About Me:
Ive been directly involved with MMA since 1997 and am currently an agent representing Mike Brown, Bobby Lashley, Wilson Gouveia, JZ Calvan, Jorge Santiago, and Danillo Villefort. Hopefully I can shed some light on the inner workings of mma and will happily respond to any question I can answer. Good to be here!

7/6/09 10:55:50PM
welcome to the playground
7/6/09 11:19:10PM
I usually demand new members to gimme their damn milk money... But given the circumstances I'll let you pass.

Welcome to the Playground bro!
7/7/09 12:02:32AM
pics or work
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