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1/28/09 9:26:14PM
Some of you have asked me for detail on this, and I have investigate i with the new programmers considerable help. This is what we deduced. It is straight forwar, and easily understandable.

Here's how it works.

Camp member count is determined by the average number of people in a camp who made at least 1 fight pick for an event. Your performance sticks! This means that if you were in Camp A for UFC 92, then leave for Camp B for UFC 93, your performance and presence for UFC 92 is still associated with Camp A. The camp member count is not skewed in any fashion if a camp is formed after the first event of the season. Camp member count is used to decide what "weight class" a camp is in. All further rankings discussed below will be relative to the camp's weight class.

Once an event takes place, all camps in a division are ranked on three criteria: average earnings rank, average point score rank, average pick percentage (AKA "win-loss record") rank. By factoring the point total you penalize "cherry-pickers" who try to earn higher camp rankings by only picking the results on easy fights. By factoring in the pick percentage you reward the camps who had the pick right, but just missed an ending detail, which is understandable.

At the season's end, your average rank for each of these three categories for the entire season is calculated and stored in an ordered table. These three numbers are then added together and multiplied by .7 plus.03 per event participated in. This last bit was added to prevent someone from forming a camp at the season's end, doing good for 1 event, then running away with the crown.

The camps are then ordered by the lowest total and given that number as their final rank.

3/8/09 6:38:19PM
Are score, pick %, and earnings weighted equaly or are some more important than others?
3/8/09 6:55:14PM

Posted by Whispering_Death

Are score, pick %, and earnings weighted equaly or are some more important than others?

I believe they are all equal which is why some camps lose big on earnings. At least thats how I see it
4/8/09 9:10:17PM
is it only a reflection of the primary league or a combination of the two?
4/9/09 5:22:08AM
Primary. Camps are not ranked by Secondary League performances.
4/9/09 3:44:53PM
7/12/12 2:52:58PM
Quick question

I was looking over the rankings for my division and noticed a camp that hasn't competed in all 8 events like my camp has yet they are ranked higher.

How is that possible?

Can they be that much better??

I thought it wouldnt be possible for someone to skip an event and be on top of someone who hasn't skipped
7/15/12 9:30:24AM
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