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POLL: I can't stand....
Billy Mays - (Oxyclean, FixIt, etc. etc.) 7% (3)
Vince Offer - ("ShamWoW guy") 53% (24)
Eric Violette -(FCreditReport) 13% (6)
Stephanie Courtney - ("Flo" Progressive) 11% (5)
John Scherer - (Video Professor) 7% (3)
Don King - (actually invented the TV) 9% (4)
4/16/09 8:01:35PM
I forgot about this one too...

4/17/09 8:08:59AM

Posted by MMA

Credit report commercials are the best. I have three of their songs memorized. :)

I understand that Comcast has ripped them off now with their "Comcasttown" commercials. I HATE THOSE SPOTS.
4/17/09 5:06:49PM
Here in the UK we get 'Compare the Meerkat'

Those adverts make me wanna rip my own eyeballs out and throw them at the tv
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