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7/3/07 6:57:31PM
Is anyone else disappointed in the how the new Fighter Links look. (the ones with the white background) they contain less detailed info on the fighters such as the new links dont even show what round the fights were ended in. alot of this info is really important to making fight picks.

Also it doesnt show the amount of KO or Sub Wins they have or how they've lost. (ie. 8 wins -5ko's and 2subs 1decision) and yes i know you can go through each fight and see how the fight ended KO or Sub. but some fighters have tons of fights and it was really convenient before when you had a whole section that showed you their KO Sub Percentage. if your not sure what im talking about click on a fighter slink off of "My Fantasy Picks" then in a seprate browser go to and look up a fighter using their fight finder.

it kind feels like a step backwards in that department. and you especially need all the stats you can get on this site to make your picks. just my two cents. anyone else notice this?
7/3/07 11:42:25PM
I agree, it annoys me. MMAPG is now linking to the 'printable' page of sherdogs fight-finder, which lists less information than the regular fight-finder page.

Takes longer, but just look them up manually in the fight finder. You'll find all the usual info there.
7/4/07 12:02:24AM
yeah thats what ive been doing. just manually going through. ive found to do it even faster you just click on the last person that that fighter fought. then it sends you to the actual sherdog version and then you just click back on your fighers name in that list. and walla but come on we shouldnt have to do that when all you gotta do is fix the link.

any admins know whats up? did mmaplayground get banned from using the direct link to the fight finder or something?

7/4/07 4:57:26AM
Yeah, thats been bothering me as well but I do like the guy above does. Hopefully they will fix it.
7/4/07 9:57:39AM
It annoys me too...

All you have to do is click on one of the pictures on the white page...

That will take you to the pictures on the Sherdog page and then you just click on the fighter's name from that will take you to the original fighter page on Sherdog.

It takes a couple of more seconds...but it's not bad.

EDIT: OOPS...I just read another post saying to do basically the same thing... they both work...
7/4/07 10:44:09AM
they fixed it...look
7/4/07 1:40:17PM
awsome sweet. i wonder if i made a differnce hahaha. cuase i also sent in a suggestion about that too. very cool. problem solved.
7/4/07 5:39:07PM
ya its fixed
7/6/07 8:38:39AM
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