UFC announces seven-year deal with FOX, debuts live fights on Nov. 12

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8/18/11 9:18:17PM

Posted by trevail

So for those of us in canada, is rogers SNET still gonna carry everything that FX would have in the US?

i hope so. all non-spike and non-ppv events were aired on Sportsnet, so i would assume that would continue. they have a really good partnership going...it would suck to have them leave that station. The Score has the dumbass Mauro Renallo and airs Bellator. TSN pretty much avoids MMA and UFC news and talk.
8/19/11 1:01:13AM
Yeah man, all this Fuel and FX talk has me a little worried seeing as I can't get either. Please SNET dont fail us now!
8/19/11 1:31:43AM

Posted by emfleek

I owe you a prop.
8/19/11 1:57:08PM
Im most excited about the changes to TUF. Now that their live and fans can vote on the match ups, I think the show will get a much needed boost. Exciting times!
8/21/11 1:09:39AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Isn't Gus Johnson with FOX now?

That was the first thing I thought; but his FOX contract at least right now is only for college and NFL games. Please show us mercy, FOX.
8/21/11 4:31:07PM
I read that johnson wouldn't by involved with the events themselves but would be taking part in the pre- and post-event shows. Hopefully, that allows someome at FOX to have the time to script what they want the stupid ass to say
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