UFC to Announce Formal Intent to Bring Event to New York

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1/11/11 10:31:01AM
It looks like the UFC has its New Year's Resolution.

Just a few days into 2011, the Nevada-based promotion will formally announce its intent to bring mixed martial arts to New York as soon as possible during a Thursday press conference at Madison Square Garden.

The press conference, which will take place at the world-famous MSG arena, will be attended by UFC president Dana White, Zuffa co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, current lightweight champ Frankie Edgar, and former light-heavyweight champ Rashad Evans, along with MSG executives.

1/11/11 11:54:50AM
I didn't even know they finally legalized mma in new york already??
Good be a huge event this summer or in dec my guess
1/11/11 11:58:34AM
I dont think it is legal yet. The press conference is to help push legalization I believe.
1/11/11 12:48:39PM
Smart move with the press conference. It will allow officials to see the positive side of the sport, and will show off all the support MMA has from fans.
4/8/11 12:45:22PM
Its not legal in New York yet...Best idea would to leave Dana White out of the picture in trying to lobby or even speak..he doesn't come across as someone with wisdom and people respect as far as business...Just because the UFC is doing great doenst make him a business savvy guy for dealing with politicians...But lets be honest really here..

All teh UFC really has to do is put a little something in the pockets of those opposed...Thing is it cant come from teh mouth of Dana or the Fertittas..
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