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2/5/08 11:19:17PM
do ankle weights really work. i used to use them. i heard that they promote injuries in your ankle and then i injured my foot. i have not used them since but thought that i might dust them off. but wanted to know the truth if they help you or make you more prone to injuries?
2/5/08 11:52:48PM
Well the only thing I could think of is that they are gonna add more weight around your ankles and cause more stress, but I don't know how they could cause an injury. Besides that they can only do so much weighing between 5 and 10 lbs. Try tying a big tire behind you and dragging it while you run or try a running parachute.
2/5/08 11:58:02PM
How are you using them?
How much weight is it ?
What are your goals and will it help you reach them?

Ask yourself these questions and you will answer your question

If not post the answers here and we will help you
2/6/08 7:54:51AM
If your using them while doing upper body workouts such as tricep dips or pull-ups than they will help you build strength. If your running or doing cardio where your legs are moving a lot I would highly suggest removing them. They have been associated with foot and knee injuries and negatively alter the way you move.
2/6/08 8:20:55AM
this has nothing to do with mma, but one summer in highschool my buddy had ankle weights lying near his pool and my buddy threw them on and he sank right to the bottom, which then gave us the idea of playing a form of tag while wearing said ankle weights... its a bitch to swim with those on for sure
2/7/08 2:00:54PM
Just don't use them if you are exercising your legs. Do not use them while kicking a heavy bag or whatever, you will just tear something you don't want to tear. For dips and pull ups and stuff, they will work by adding extra weight to your body, but imo they are a pretty flawed gimmick that doesnt really have a place in a serious martial artists gym bag.
2/7/08 9:21:52PM
My friend wore ankle weights all year and now his ankles are shot and the ligaments are strained. My advice is to not wear them.
2/9/08 1:41:37AM
Wow, I have an exchange student who wears them all the time and jogs with them and I asked him if his ankles hurt him. He told me when he takes them off, he sometimes has trouble standing. Im glad I read this cause he could have gotten way worse if he didnt know they shouldnt be used for jogging/everyday use
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