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9/26/07 12:38:17AM
UFC heavyweight Andrei Arlovski hasn’t fought since April — and he hasn’t been booked to fight anytime in the near future — but the former champ and Chicago-based fighter has gotten a gig in the interim: security detail for the “Jerry Springer Show.“

Arlovski was invited on the show as a guest bouncer for a show taping, and the 60-minute episode will air tomorrow.

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9/26/07 3:07:08AM
9/26/07 6:35:17AM
I gots to see this

Hopefully someone will upload it on youtube or somewhere, will he play it like the chewing gum bouncer with small man complex? or will he be like the fat ugly one and just grab some of the womens titties? Hope he doesnt forget where he is and KO's some bumpkin
9/26/07 10:29:10AM
he might get more there than fighting.
9/26/07 10:38:33AM
He'll have a better chance of fighting there. Joe Silva needs to schedule him on a fight card before the end of the year.
9/26/07 12:52:31PM
When there was noone in the HW division The Pitbull took the entire pull of the show on his back and carried it. Now they wont even throw the dog a bone. WTF UFC?!??!!
9/27/07 1:35:38PM
i agree wit babytater he did carry the division when mma exploded into mainstream.....jus cuz it was a lackluster fight when he fought werdum doesnt mean that the ufc cant take care of him and let him fight again hes still a good fighter and still deserves to wear that gold....they should book him for a december fight against kongo or something maybe cro cop seeing how both of them need a big win too get there career back on track...thats a dream matchup for me cuz there both out-standing stand-up fighters...but arlovski would hand mirko his 3rd straight loss and prompt him to retire
9/28/07 1:42:13AM
This I have to see, always good to see Arlovski getting attention. Wouldn't mind seeing him with that belt again either...
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