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7/18/09 1:29:36PM

With only three MMA fights in the career, André Galvão will have his biggest challenge of his career this weekend, when he enters Dream’s ring to dispute the finals of the welterweight tournament. Prepared for the fights, the black belt is training in San Diego for the challenge, and flyes today to Japan. Before that, Galvão spoke with and give us his thoughts about the upcoming fight against Jason High, his opponent at the semifinal.

"Everything is alright, I only have to lose weight. I’m very confident and happy, now I just have to wait the time of the fight and do my job, win the belt", said André, who submitted the three fights that he made until today. Beyond the Jiu-Jitsu as a main weapon, Galvão is getting the striking sharpen with André “Dida” Amade in America. "I trained well with (Fabrício Camões) Morango in the last month, and before I was a month and a half with Anderson (Silva) and (Rafael Cavalcante) Feijão. Now Dida and his brother, (Maurício) Véio, are helping me in striking, the part of Muay Thai. I'm feeling well", says the fighter.


With three other Brazilians in action at the same day, Galvão is excited. "I believe a lot in their work, they’re great fighters", praises André, speaking of Vitor Shaolin and Paulo Filho, who will face Shinya Aoki and Melvin Manhoef. "Shaolin is very technical, dedicated, a very good athlete and knows how to impose his game, has everything to win", bets Galvão, confident in Filho’s return. "He’s a very experienced guy. Japan is his home and he feels very well fighting there. I think he will burst".

Beyond them, another Brazilian who enters the ring is André Dida, who helped Galvão in the trainings. "He has a lot of experience at the striking part, already fought GP and everything, and talked a lot with me about it. I think he will do great, because he’s a guy who goes inside and has a heavy hand... I think he’ll knockout", bets the black belt.
7/18/09 2:11:36PM
Hell yeah. War Galvao!!
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