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POLL: Who takes it.
Andy 89% (31)
Wandy 11% (4)
3/3/09 11:26:49AM
Now that Wanderlei is at MW there is a possibiltiy of this fight happening. I remember people used to talk about this fight on here so I'm gonna poll that ****. Assuming Wanderlei could make it to a title shot who takes this fight? I've heard that Anderson wanted to fight him anyway because of some chutebox thing.
3/3/09 11:55:37AM
well its hard to pick against anderson no matter who is in there with him, so i went with him. wandy has such power that if this fight did happen and he got the KO i wouldnt poop my pants or anything.
3/3/09 12:25:15PM
Silva vs. Silva, circa 2004: Wanderlei, by savage mauling.

Silva vs. Silva, circa 2009: Anderson, by precision bombing.

3/3/09 12:27:41PM
its hard to chose against anderson vs any middleweight right now....but lets get a breakdown and see......striking, technique vs brawler....wandy comes in wild with his chin up and with little technque...its worked for him a long time, but now its catching up with him and people are exposing it.....spider has great technique angles, footwork and the whole lot....the power edge i think is about even, with maybe a very slight edge going to wandy....chins, well thats obvious.....cardio, not much of an issue for these guys, but if i was to choose i would say spider...wrestling, neither are too awesome in this department, but i would give the edge to silva, he's shown good technique and scrambling abilities lately......bjj, i dont think this would factor in, but spider tends to use his to finish the fight, were as wandy uses his to get back to his feet or pummle from top position, edge spider......i think the fight goes down with a first rd ko by spider....wandy coming in wide open and and techniqueless, and spider using footwork and pinpoint punches to put him down and finish him out
3/3/09 12:49:53PM
Wanderlei is one of my favorite fighters but I would predict he would be on the wrong end of a KO if he came in swinging against Anderson.
A. Silva via 1st round KO (headkick)
3/3/09 2:00:22PM
I posted this a few weeks ago now a wud like to see it happen and it might just if wanderlei can string a few wins together. Am going to go with anderson by 2rd tko thou his strikeing is on another level to any one else at the present time.
3/3/09 3:05:10PM
If Wanderlei beats Franklin, I wouldn't be surprised if he was granted an immediate title shot., since Rich has been the quintessential #2 MW ever since Anderson came along. Rich has struggled when put into the thai plum so it's very possible.

Wanderlei poses some intersting problems for Anderson by taking away a few of the Spider's strengths. Wanderlei won't be dominated like others have in the clinch and he cuts off the ring very well, possibly negating Anderson's elusiveness.

On the flipside Anderson is a very good counter puncher, and throws a lot of straight punches. That's a recipe for success against the wild-swinging Wanderlei.
3/3/09 3:20:24PM
is the fight with franklin at middleweight?...i havent read were it would be
3/3/09 3:28:20PM

Posted by wiggum

is the fight with franklin at middleweight?...i havent read were it would be

It's at a catch-weight of 195.
3/3/09 5:21:59PM
a no brainer
3/5/09 6:01:40AM
I think Wand is gonna be a completely different fighter at 185, i predict a new axe murderous winning spree in 2009

War Wanderlei - UFC MW Champ late 2009
3/5/09 10:20:17AM
I might be the biggest Wanderlei fan there is, but I think after all the wars he's been in he's just lost a little of the "beard"... And going into a fight with Anderson a rock hard chin is a must... This combination doesn't look like it'll pan out well for Wand, as hard as it is for me to say...

Should be really interesting to see him at 185 though
3/6/09 6:53:28PM
There are too many holes in Wandy "wildman" striking. Anfderson would pick him apart for a round then KO early in the 2nd. I am not sure of anyone at 185 that can touch Silva.
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