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2/9/10 12:32:41AM
I was just thinking about both these fights and are probably my favorite fights for the first half of 2010 in each sport but I think they have some pretty big similarities. Like...

-Floyd's been perfect & dominant in boxing while Anderson been perfect and dominant in the UFC & P4P greats, Vitor & Mosley are both respected veterans that always come to fight and are on a 2nd life of their careers after being supposely "washed up".

-I feel Vitor & Mosley are Floyd & Andersons last big tests in their division before their division is completely wiped out and they move onto bigger & better P4P greatness like manny pac. & GSP or the Light Heavyweight division. I mean you still have contenders on the rise like Chael & for Floyd like Andre Berto, but they ares still very gray, especially Berto who's still young and does everything Floyd does but Floyd's better and Anderson is the worst possible fight for Chael as on the feet Anderson would murder him and once it hits the ground, Anderson's catching him because with his long limbs, his BJJ transitions well with his MMA game to where when he's put on his back, his long limbs will make it easier to push him back up or snap one of Chael's body parts.

-Also stylistically it's the same match up IMO. Both Vitor & Mosley are great boxers that use a perfect combination of both speed & power where as Anderson & Floyd are very alike in their attack. As both possess speed & power also but in a different way, they both take their time & adapt to any fight that they get into. They take their time in getting your rhythem down, getting your timing down, and then with precision accuracy, they make you pay.

Just thought it was interesting. What do ya'll think? Love both these match up's and can't wait to see them both happen since I think both are even fights and will be all time classic for the fans in both sports! I think in both fights either guy can win and it's gonna be also to watch all 4 of them throwdown. You will be disappointed if you miss either fight IMHO.
2/9/10 12:40:19AM
Oh, I see your comparison now. Yes, I see the similarities tied to the fights and think that if your a fan of boxing and you miss that fight then either A: your not really a fan or B: something traumatic has happened in your life.
2/9/10 12:50:44AM
I find boxing rather boring unless its a BIG BIG name. Its like watching a full game of basketball, as to where MMA is like watching the slam dunk contest, theres just not enough excitement in BOXING anymore, unless you have another ALI or Tyson, that will never happen seeing as MMA is growing FAST. I love to watch K-1 fights and muay thai fights. Thats where I think every MMA fan should start out, in watching K-1 fights. Boxing is a past time. I would never buy a Mayweather fight but I would watch it in a second if it was free.

Anderson vs Vitor

This is by far the best striker Anderson has ever faced.

I know Anderson will not sub Vitor, seeing as vitor is a Black belt in BJJ as well. The problem vitor had in his career was with WRESTLERS. Anderson will not take it to the ground. I know he is trying to prove to the boxing world too that he can strike with the best. I just don't see him beating vitor in the stand-up though.
2/10/10 5:53:27PM
I love both fights but I am still extremely dissapointed by the failure of Pac v Floyd, so I am more pumped for the Silva fight.

The real question is who has the better chance of the upset. Im leaning towards Belfort but Im not sure
2/10/10 6:25:07PM
Id say that Mosley actually has a pretty decent chance against Mayweather.

Mosley has had trouble with brawlers who like to throw a high volume of punches and throw harder than him. Essentially playing his game better than him, though the downside is often a susceptibility to faster fighters.

But mosley has generally done well against fast, technical, defensive fighters. Winky Wright, case in point. Mosley lost both matches, but both were close because Mosley was able to continuously bombard wright with punches and eventually bust a hole through winky's immaculate defenses.

Mayweather fights very similar to that, but is much smaller and less powerful, i can see it happening the same way.

2/10/10 11:13:35PM
I can't wait for both fights I say maywearther takes mosely in possibly the fight of his life
and I'm going with vitor over silva anderson likes to feel his opponents out vitor doesn't give you time to figure anything out by the time you do you are realizing you're in the hospital anderson is used to making people look stupid when they try to hit him by moving his head out of the way I don't think he can do that with vitor his hand speed is tremendous I think vitor ko's him in the first with a flurry of lightning strikes
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