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10/26/08 9:48:38PM
Though Anderson Silva posted a somewhat lackadaisical performance in an anticlimactic victory over Patrick Cote at UFC 90, he reached an important milestone in his UFC career: eight consecutive wins in UFC bouts, matching the record first set by Royce Gracie and recently repeated by Jon Fitch. Silva also won his fifth championship bout, making for four consecutive title defenses. Every single one of Silva’s UFC fights has been the main even of the night, and Patrick Cote is the only opponent to make it into the third round.

Silva has five fights remaining on his UFC contract, and hinted at an early retirement after the contract is over. Should he win all five bouts, he will have an unprecedented thirteen consecutive wins inside the Octagon. His next fight is rumored to be at 205 lbs.

Not far behind Anderson is the welterweight contender Thiago Alves, whose unanimous decision win over John Koscheck marked his seventh consecutive UFC victory. Alves is slated to take on the winner of the upcoming battle between the lightweight champion BJ Penn and his welterweight counterpart Georges St. Pierre. Either matchup should produce fireworks, and both put the continuation of Thiago’s streak in great jeopardy.
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10/26/08 9:53:54PM
Good Stuff
10/26/08 10:04:42PM
Is nice!
10/27/08 1:04:23AM
Alves will have another fight before he gets the winner of GSP/Penn. He won't want to be on ice that long. I personally would still love to see him demolish dirty sanchez. That would be consecutive win #8 right there.
10/27/08 1:17:56AM
i agree i would liek tyo see the fight im thinken a really good first round then alves pounds him out in the second
10/28/08 8:44:28PM
awesome thanks for the factoids
10/29/08 11:21:59PM
It's cool to see everything organized into statistics. It gives you a different perspective.
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