UFC 88: Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami title fight still possible

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6/18/08 6:30:15PM
UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva turned quite a few heads in the past 24 hours with news that the Brazilian accepted a light heavyweight fight against James Irvin at UFC Fight Night 14 at The Pearl at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 19.

As we reported yesterday, win or lose Silva will retain his 185-pound belt. And he is not vacating it as some have suggested — he’s merely taking a temporary leave of absence because his boss, UFC President Dana White, asked him if he’s up for the challenge.

Here’s a snip from Silva on the decision to take the fight on short notice via SI.com:

“If the UFC asks me to do something, and it’s within my capability to do so, I’m going to do it. I feel like I’m part of the UFC family and the head of the family asked me to fight. I’m in condition to fight, my coaches say I can fight — I’m going to fight. I want to do whatever I can to help make UFC the No. 1 event around the world like it is.”

6/18/08 6:30:58PM
Been posted like 10 hours ago lol

6/18/08 6:33:19PM
i think the irvin fight is more of a threat than the okami. I just think the irvin fight is kind of random and could have waited. sure it is interesting and silva will probally run through the sandman like he does every one else. just a little nervous
6/18/08 7:12:12PM
i feel the same he needs to worry about irvin but i am glad okami will get his title match
6/18/08 7:34:03PM
This whole thing just feels weird, doesn't it?

Why is this fight even happening, other than to cut into Affliction profits?

Anyway, after this randomness, it'll be nice to see Anderson get back to what he does best, destroying middleweights.

Jumping weight classes just feels gimmicky, and that's not a trend I hope to continue to see with the UFC.
6/18/08 7:40:48PM
so what if Irvin beats the crap out of silva ( not that I think this will happen) but will he be cleard to fight in time for okami.
6/18/08 7:42:52PM

Posted by kastro_316

Been posted like 10 hours ago lol


you cant always see every thing thats been posted, sometimes you miss a few
6/18/08 9:15:49PM
I don;t understand this match up at all but I appreciate Silva's willingness. He is always up for a challenge and not looking to protect what he earned but to complete more in his career
6/18/08 9:50:02PM
this fight is going to be a lot closer than people think.
6/18/08 11:02:42PM
I think this fight is a test for Andersen. While I don't usually approve of guys switching weight classes all the time... W/ his nat size and lack of comp it kinda makes sense while he stays uninjured. I think, besides messing w/ Affliction, this is a test to see how well he adjusts. I think he'll do the same as he's done at MW. They woulda like to have booked a bigger fight, but this is intriguing. It will draw a lot of the casual audience. I'll watch them both at the same time for free. Prob'ly most here will. But we aren't the majority of the audience.

The way I see it they're offering a guarunteed ko. That'll be enuf to draw the casual audience. Part of me thinks: This'll kill Affliction. The other part thinks: W/ the lack of advertising, only the hardcores were gonna buy it anyway.

I think it's interesting. I'll be really surprised if AS doesn't make Irvin look like Chris Leben. They coulda done worse on such short notice.
6/18/08 11:13:49PM
Okami deserves his shot. Out of everyone that could have fought I don't understand why they picked Silva. They could have thrown together a card with nothing but contenders and everyone would have still watchd it because it is free. The hardcore fans will be watching Fedor and Tivo'ing UFC.
6/19/08 4:17:57AM
I still dont understand why you are only a "hardcore" or true MMA fans if you PAY to see this affliction card. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to watch the free show on spike over the affliction card, it doesnt make you less of a fan, less knowledgeable or anything for that matter. I will be watching both, but it seems that there are alot of snooty people that seem to think that they are cool because they will be skipping a free show to watch the Affliction card. Some of us dont have money falling out of our asses. I say major props to the UFC for putting together a pretty spectacular fight card for free for the fans. Yes competition is great for the sport of MMA but good hell its a free card which EVERYONE can afford.
6/19/08 7:31:56AM
After their last few cards (mostly 85 and 83) the UFC should be focusing on putting together cards that are actually worth watching instead of slapping more crap together as quickly as possible to try to screw other people over. Their last several cards have caused me to be incredibly unexcited about future events (84 was great though).

Holding up title fights for TUF, all of the petty bickering with pretty much any fighter who speaks their mind, poor quality cards lately, it's all really getting me pretty unexcited about the UFC recently and this card isn't helping. I really hope Affliction is successful so that the UFC has a legitimate competitor to force them to put together quality instead of focusing on gaining a complete monopoly over the fight world.
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