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12/22/08 11:59:24PM
12/23/08 12:17:34AM
This will be a good fight and prove all the haters wrong. I wonder who else could fight in Montreal?
12/23/08 12:26:36AM
I think GSP will be on this card, no matter what. At least I hope! Win or lose at 94 I think he'll fight Alves.
12/23/08 12:27:08AM
As a Canadian, who watched GSP / Serra 2 on TV while his best friend was there, i WILL be at this event. Lord as my witness I'm going to be there. This is a quality main event, going to result in a brutal ko/tko for Silva and I'm guessing early. I think Thales Leites is a good fighter, but Silva is a phenom. People who are taking his making fun of Cote as a sign of weakness are in for a surprise, a rude painful surpise haha.

Keep the UFC coming to Canada! Let's get MMA sanctioned in Ontario and the UFC can have an event in Toronto and have a really quality payday, while satisfying loads of serious fans.
12/23/08 12:32:54AM
Matt Hughes said he is fighting Serra in April. I doubt both of those fights plus GSP is possible.

But it would be cool.

Maybe Goulet will be on it. But I doubt Cote will be ready either.

Looks like bad timing for a Canadian card, eh?
12/23/08 12:33:50AM
Anderson Silva to headline in Canada ?

Seems odd to me, i would have thought GSP will headline this card
12/23/08 1:26:20AM
terrible matchup, anderson will likely get boo'd for his preformance against cote and thales will just get beat down severly for a record breaking win streak... sounds pretty weak to me, i'm not impressed and might not even buy the ppv for this one unless it gets some good fights...
12/23/08 1:29:24AM

Posted by MMAcca

Anderson Silva to headline in Canada ?

Seems odd to me, i would have thought GSP will headline this card

Especially when he was stopped at the border a couple of months ago. Has that been resolved?
12/23/08 2:18:01AM
i dont think that thales deserves a title shot.
12/23/08 2:30:52AM
great fight but to healine in canada
i thought gsp would be it but i doubt both fighters will have their belts on the line
12/23/08 3:56:53AM
Since UFC 94 is January 31st, it's been pretty apparent GSP would not be on this card.

I like the matchup. Thales is a great grappler and has pretty good standup as well. He poses a lot of problems for Anderson. Most likely Anderson will TKO Thales on the feet but I don't see any other contenders as worthy.

Hopefully this card will be anchored by a really strong co main event. I think if the UFC would headline an event with one of their more popular stars like Lidell and include Silva in one of the events, he would receive the exposure a fighter needs to sell consistent PPV's.
12/23/08 4:56:54AM
#1 Anderson Silva
#2 Dan Henderson
#3 Rich Franklin
#4 Yushin Okami
#5 Nate Marquardt
#6 Robbie Lawler
#7 Gegard Mousasi
#8 Matt Lindland
#9 Demian Maia
#10 Paulo Filho

According to the people on this website, these are the top 10 middleweights in the world. Anderson Silva has fought 4 of them with a record of 3-1.

After his last two fights against Irvin and Cote. Two fighters if we're being honest, were not supposed to win. Should we be expecting Anderson to be facing a ranked middleweight now?!

Whats wrong with Okami? He is a ranked MW, he was the last guy to defeat Silva.....

12/23/08 8:07:41AM
not a fan of this fight, leites? I'd rather see Maia in there or wait to see what happens with this Okami/Lister fight.
as for St Pierre if he wins he fights Alves if he loses he fights Koscheck again or Mike Swick

and just cause its in Canada doesnt mean it has to be canada vs ...
but there is Stout, Bocek, Soszynski, Jason Day,
maybe Soszynski against Cantwell since steve is so adament about fighting ultimate fighters?
12/23/08 9:34:42AM
There had better be some awesome under card because I want order it. Not a fight I want to see.
12/23/08 9:46:13AM
This fight is week, anderson by domination.
12/23/08 9:53:36AM

Posted by jgtribbett

i dont think that thales deserves a title shot.

i totally agree....i think if he keeps up his current ways, then eventually he'll deserve one, but he's only one fight removed from losing (yeah i said it! ha) in the nate the great match...lietes is a great fighter, and just like anybody that challenges for a title, poses some potential problems....but...i personally think that okami deserves it, since he is fighting this month, april is plenty of time to prepare for another fight......other than okami (in regards to fighters who are not tied up already in fights) i think that nate the great deserves the most other than okami....hes handily beat everybody since the first title fight, plus nate won the leites fight, just messed up a couple times and it cost him in his recored but it shouldnt cost him in his standing.......maia would even be a more deserving challenge the lietes, given that he is undefeated and has run thru everybody including a former title challenger in his last fight.....i personally think this is a worse deserving challenge than the cote fight....lietes doesnt deserve it (yet)....okami deserves it...hopefully this is more rumor than fact
12/23/08 10:05:27AM
um who has Thales beat that got him in title contention? Okami, Marquardt, and Henderson are the top 3 of the MW division and in that order IMO.....
12/23/08 10:12:03AM
Boo. Leites is moderately deserving and all, but I'd like to see Silva challenged. Leites is too slow in all his movements.
12/23/08 10:38:39AM
Mania now reports the fight has a date: April 18.


For those that will be asking the obvious...pending UFC 94 outcome.
12/23/08 11:19:51AM
I highly doubt that GSP will be on this card. I'm thinking that if he beats Penn that he'll rest until UFC 100 on July 4, where he'll probably face Alves. After that, I'm thinking that the UFC will finally make him a coach on TUF, possibly facing off against somebody like Jake Shields (or, um, some guy named Silva).

Don't quote me, but remember that I called it if this happens.
12/23/08 11:29:42AM
I don't like that fight at all, i want to go to Montreal for that UFC and i would love to see Silva challenged please have Henderson fight him or even Nate. Leites is just gonna waste a silva fight plus The spider doesn't need another ko on his HL reel.
12/23/08 11:31:00AM
The UFC could find better fights against Anderson considering he has only a few fights left. This will be another round one KO...
12/23/08 12:23:59PM
Dana is so full of shit. He calls fedor for "not fighting anybody" yet he has his best fighter aviod the best competition 3 fights in a row!!!!

12/23/08 12:29:19PM
I am not a fan of this fight, as it seems is the general concencus. But, i'm sure the UFC will put on a quality card around it. And i think leites has just as good, if not a better chance to beat silva than cote did.

That being said, he will not be the one to beat anderson silva.
12/23/08 1:34:27PM
Wasn't Leites vs Maia in the works??? Maybe that ended when Maia called out Bisping. this fight doesn't make sense to me because Leites has no momentum and not many impressive wins, while Silva has few remaining fights before he expects to retire and this seems like such a waste.
12/23/08 7:54:07PM
Bullshit fight. Stop spoon feeding the spider. I want to see a fight where he has a realistic chance of losing. Call me crazy.
12/23/08 9:20:27PM
anderson should request a rematch with okami? why isnt he asking for that? thales leites? how could they possibly promote that?
12/24/08 4:41:09PM
Not yet official. Junkie reports that Silva has not yet signed the agreements.
12/24/08 6:21:46PM
Leites will get murdered. Sounds like another 1 round KO Im gessing in under a 1 Min.
12/27/08 1:12:46PM
How do you say "YAWWWWWWNNNNN" in Portuguese?
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