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11/21/09 2:18:24PM
Who wins this fight and how?
11/21/09 2:30:52PM
I think that Silva would KO him in the 2nd or 3rd. He's just on another level.
11/21/09 3:09:52PM
Silva would beat him with strait punches. But now that Shogun can gameplan I have no idea.
11/21/09 3:13:46PM
Shogun, TKO via head kick.
11/21/09 4:02:11PM
I say Anderson...I think Anderson has just been humble about how Machida beats him up in practice...and this fight absolutely happens if shogun beats machida in may.
11/21/09 5:01:01PM
I don't know enough about either fighter to make a pick with any kind of accuracy, but if the fight happened tomorrow I would be picking Anderson.
11/21/09 5:23:23PM
Id pick Anderson. Its not really that I cant see Shogun winning, he has the tools to beat anybody at LHW or MW, but until somebody actually makes Anderson break a sweat in the stand up, I cant justify picking against him.
11/21/09 5:40:42PM
the only way i can tell if shogun wins is if he beats machida in a dominating fashion, but at this point in time i cant see him or anyone beating anderson silva right now
11/21/09 6:10:11PM
Definantly go with silva. Every single fight he is in just looks like he is toying with people. I dont even think we have seen his potential yet. Shogun is my favorite fighter but I would have to bet against him
11/21/09 6:39:38PM
Anderson Silva to the fullest.. Just too good in my opinion. Does Shogun stand a lot better chance than most? Yeah. Does he stand a chance? Not really.
11/21/09 6:59:45PM
Gotta go with Anderson in this one. Guy is a monster
11/21/09 8:43:31PM
I think Shogun has better Muay Thai but he'd have to take it to the ground and actually try to finish Silva. I think Anderson is the hardest straight punch striker period, I think he probably eventually catches Shogun.
11/22/09 12:13:12PM
Shogun would KO Anderson in my opinion
11/22/09 12:43:29PM

Posted by sparky

Shogun would KO Anderson in my opinion

I don't think any one has KOed Anderson in his MMA career.
What a finish that would be!
11/23/09 9:57:35AM
I think this fight should happen, but especially if Shogun can beat Machida.
11/24/09 6:43:37AM
Anderson Flying Gogo round 1
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