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8/13/09 8:43:40AM
Throughout his dominant UFC career, the knock on Anderson Silva has been his drawing ability, or lack thereof. His two fights with Rich Frankin did buyrates in the 300,000 range, and his fight with Dan Henderson did only slightly better. Then in July 2008, the UFC put together a monster campaign on his behalf leading into his fight with James Irvin, and Silva came through with a memorable highlight knockout. The show did a big rating for Spike TV, and everyone thought Silva was on the path to being a big draw. Then Patrick Cote happened.

8/13/09 9:50:45AM
I guess the question what hast taken so long for the ufc to put him in some bigger fights another reason those 2 fights did bad is no one wanted to see him fight those guys plus wasn't chuck on the 97 card isn't he a drawing powerhouse that's another thing ahh pay him more damn it he is the p4p king!
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