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7/5/13 8:47:54AM
Anderson Silva hasn't been shy about saying he's interested in a fight against boxer Roy Jones Jr. And the buzz around that potential may reach a fever pitch this weekend.

UFC President Dana White on Thursday told ( Jones will be the UFC's guest on Saturday at UFC 162 in Las Vegas – and that the two are "talking."

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7/5/13 2:20:00PM
After Silva beats Weidman I know Dana will announce "Silva vs. Jones", not saying if its Roy Jones Jr or Bones
7/5/13 2:57:29PM
From an "event" standpoint I think this would be great. Two guys who have watched each other fight and have an appreciation for what the other does would make for a good set of interviews and some positive press. Plus they both have a lot of fame, enough to bring fans from their own sport who have at least "heard about that guy" in refernce to their hero's opponent. They also would both bring a roughly equal amount of money and fame to the table--unlike past proposals to have less-than-superstar fighters like Sean Sherk take on the superstars from opposing sports, like Floyd Mayweather. Silva and Jones also are still great athletes, both in appearance and movement, and they know how to entertain the fans. In addition to the intrigue of MMA vs. Boxing, you have two guys who will fight with unique styles going up against each other. A lot of people, myself included, would tune in to watch that.

But from a competitive standpoint, this is a terrible mismatch. Even a "shot" RJJ beat his last opponent who was 17-0 as a professional boxer. Silva has never beaten a guy with a winning record in a pro boxing match, hasn't boxed in eight years and has a loss in his "prime" against a guy who is probably worse than anyone RJJ has ever fought as a professional. Not only should RJJ be favored by huge odds, but this is a fight that probably can't be sanctioned by NSAC or any credible athletic commission--the gap between the fighters' experience and ability is too great. (of course they sanctioned Toney-Couture which was even worse on paper). I would hate to see RJJ's lifetime of perfecting his considerable talents towards a specific sport be disrespected, not by Silva, but by his fans who think that causually competing a few times and performing in a different sport can allow you to jump five levels of competition and beat a guy like RJJ. I will also hate hearing about how Silva, the greatest MMA fighter of all time, sucks as an athlete just because he couldn't beat a former champion who is still a high level fighter after sporadically competing in that sport.
7/5/13 3:22:45PM
Exactly dude. This is a no win for Silva. Anyone that thinks Silva wins a boxing match with RJJ has never watched boxing in their lives. What it would do is greatly tarnish Silva's legacy for no good reason.

HOWEVER a kickboxing match with kicks above the waist only, no knees and no elbows would actually be competitive and fun to watch. Make it a 3 round exhibition to avoid the athletic commission looking too close at it an make it a fun thing at a UFC expo.
7/5/13 3:23:30PM

Posted by Samps

After Silva beats Weidman I know Dana will announce "Silva vs. Jones", not saying if its Roy Jones Jr or Bones

That is such a stupid idea that it's actually brilliant. Make you watch the first episode of TUF 18 to find out which one or some shit.
7/5/13 4:23:18PM
Smart move for Anderson Silva, He loses to a legend in boxing in a boxing match it doesn't tarnish his MMA record. Now if he got helbowed by Jones into retirement, boy would that leave fans with a impression.
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