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9/11/07 4:23:07PM
How do you think the fight will turn out
9/11/07 4:30:02PM
rich by tko
9/11/07 4:38:22PM
Another first round KO for Silva. Only guy in the UFC who can take Silva is probably Henderson.
9/11/07 4:39:27PM
Im pretty sure Silva by KO but Rich scares me how much he wants this title back
9/11/07 5:00:23PM
Rich by Knock Out or TKO
9/11/07 5:35:09PM
I mean I like rich but wasnt dominating in his last 2 fights. And Anderson is crazy striker I like him too. Anderson tko last first round or early second round.
9/11/07 5:53:40PM
id like to see rich take him down pass and get the tko and theres a chance that will happen if he sets up a takedown and avoids the knees
9/11/07 5:54:01PM
Anderson by TKO/KO in the second round. And I only say second round because I think Franklin is going to play possum for the first round.
9/11/07 6:01:15PM
i like both guys but i see silva beating rich up pretty badly again and ending it in the 1st. right now its gonna be hard for me to say anyone will beat anderson because he looks so dialed in, kind of like randy and rampage.
9/11/07 6:44:29PM
Silva by air guitar.

I wasn't impressed with Rich's last two performances and was very impressed with Silva's fight with Nate. Silva will be at the top of the division for a while.
9/11/07 7:05:49PM
I am a huge Silva fan but I must point out that if Franklin does stand and throw thats his best chance watching the last fight only chance really they both throw those angle punche and they missed a lot untill the clinch.

lets see Franklin stay away from the clinch
Don't go down Silva would love to win by Sub because he is out to show what hes got

Lets face it Silva hasn't lost his hunger to keep the belt he continues to want to prove that he deserves the belt thats why he will stay the Champ.

Go Anderson "Spider" Silva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9/12/07 10:24:23AM
Anything can happing its a fight and franklin is a very gifted athlete and is very smart and I know he is training hard. But on paper anderson silvia has better striking and ground game as for the clintch franklin might want too avoid that. There is not many options when you fight anderson the spida silva he doesnt have many holes in his game. Rich might want too come out striking carefully then look too take him down and get out of his guard quick. His best bet would probally be trying too take a dominate postion and pound his face in. My pick is anderson silvia but I think rich defintely has a good shot
9/12/07 11:16:02AM
While I am with the majority and think that ASilva looks pretty unstoppable right now there is something that I noticed about him that I found interesting...

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I can tell Rich will be his first rematch... This doesn't make that big of a difference, but if he's never fought the same guy twice (and Rich being a very intelligent fighter) could make the little difference that would give Franklin an edge...

If we really look at how advanced MMA and it's practitioners have evolved, we can see how important a solid gameplan is. And what better way to develope a good gameplan than if you've already faced the guy and have an idea of what he can offer (stay away from the clinch Rich!)... Just my 0.02$

Silva by KO (probably)
9/12/07 11:22:17AM
very interesting point, and i think theres something to be said for that as this is rich's 3rd rematch with someone. i think silvas tools will still prove to be too much for rich, but this puts a little more doubt in my head.
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