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9/3/09 8:52:38AM
As Randy Couture might say, Anderson Silva poses some interesting problems. Those problems, however, won't be solved by another fighter in the cage. They'll have to be solved by UFC President Dana White and matchmaker Joe Silva.

We have quite a few variables at play. One, Silva probably will retire from MMA following the last 3 fights on his contract. At the very least, he will want to explore a boxing match with Roy Jones Jr. Two, he seems to only want big fights. Three, he will not fight Lyoto Machida (or other Black House partners). Four, he wants to take some time off to heal his body.

9/3/09 9:04:20AM
The link has messed up man. Its saying the page has been moved.
9/3/09 9:09:49AM
You have to add the N to the Anderso-Silva part
9/3/09 9:10:42AM

Posted by Pookie

You have to add the N to the Anderso-Silva part

Fixed. All I did was copy and paste...they must've changed it on their end.
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