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10/22/07 1:55:12AM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

Posted by warglory

I think fighters get overhyped all the time (i.e. Houston Alexander and Gonzaga), and I think that was the problem with fighters like AA and many others. However, if you examine Silva's game, there is little doubt that he could potentially take on any opponent with little weakness which is in stark contrast to people like Liddell, Gracie and AA, all of which have weaknesses.

SIlva is a proven completest, I think thats what makes him different.

i wasnt calling anderson overhyped, i was calling kang overhyped b/c he can very well lose his next fight to a respectable opponent. the point i was trying to get across is that silva seems to be an unstoppable fighter atm and i believe that he has no flaw in his game as of now. his JJ is solid and is standup is so cerebral, right now i only think that hendo would be able to beat him. As for my reference to AA i specifically said

"but remember, so did AA, he was in this exact situation, running through all the ufc had to offer and then he lost to big tim. however, i don't see that happening o silva, he trains very hard for every fight and has respect for every fighter that steps in the cage with him. i see him running the MW division for all of 2008 unless hendo drops down or filho gets brought up, but even then hendo is really the only one who i feel can beat him."

Yeah I know, it was just an addendum to your post. Sorry about the confusion.
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