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3/2/08 3:50:17AM
Stylistically he could possess problems for Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei Silva, Lyoto Machida(Yes even him), Forrest, Jardine, Sokoudjou. With the one threat at beating him being Rampage.
3/2/08 5:23:45AM
I think he would do well, But many lightheavys could beat him, He shoud just dominate the middleweights for a few years.

Its like, Why didnt Matt Hughes move up in weight after his 3rd defence, Because its not smart!

He should fight Yushin, Leben again too.
3/2/08 8:06:56AM
silva will rip it up in the lhw division. he beat my man hendo in 2 and we all know how hendo did at lhw. congrats to silva. holy shit.
3/2/08 10:54:05AM
The middleweight division has good guys it's just they don't pose a threat to the champion right now.
Belcher .....

all would put up a fight but I don't see them beating Silva and most of them Silva already beat.

3/2/08 12:13:35PM
why move to the lhw div is my question
3/2/08 5:07:43PM
I am going to say that I think Silva would flatline Rampage, watch Rampages most recent losses too the superior strikers like Wanderlei(twice) Shogun.
And by far Silvas striking is about about a hundred years above Rampages striking, I personally thought that Hendo would take Silva down repeatedly but no, the only way Rampage would be able to beat him is by GnP...Hendo couldn't get Silva down in the second...SILVA ground and pounded HENDO, how would Rampage could get Silva down,and pass his guard? The fight would take place on the feet where Silva would utilize knees(Page's worste nightmare) kicks, and accurate punches.....

The only type of fighter that posesses problems for Silva is a top notch Jiu Jitsu guy.
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