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8/9/09 10:54:01PM

Posted by MisterFreeze

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I'm surprised some of you are saying Forrest was disrespectful, but not mentioning the blatent disrespect Anderson was displaying during the fight.

It would only be disrespectful for Anderson to do the things he does in the octagon, if he were to lose.
Anderson has every right to disrespect his opponent by the very fact that he beats them.
Anderson has earned the right to be disrespectful.

Sorry bro. Nobody has the right to disrespect people. That is a major problem with society

If you were standing in the Octagon directly across from Anderson Silva, I bet you would change your opinion real quick...

I wouldn't be dumb enough to be standing across from Andrson without a baseball bat, or better yet a gun
8/9/09 11:48:35PM
ok guys ..i was impressed to . he made forrest look amateur . he is great , no doubt about it ...but come on . guys thinking cause he kos forrest (which he wasnt the first to do ) that suddenly fedor is the only guy who can challenge him and machida and gsp would get destroyed ? you can tell all that cause he dodged a glorified brawlers wild punches and koed him ? take it easy ...
8/10/09 12:07:32AM
Silva's been the best pvp fighter for awhile now. I was pretty sure he would tko forrest, just a matter of time. How easy he made it look was the thing that got me.

It's really to bad that Silva flat out refuses to fight Machida because that guy is the only one who I think would give Silva a run for his money. If GSP had a bigger build he has the fighting style to beat him but he is to small.

Screw Fedor vs Lesnar... I'd like to see Fedor vs Silva
8/10/09 2:25:53PM
I agree with you that Silva is not of this world. He seems to have skills far and above anyone else in the the octagon and probably some that we haven't seen yet. He hasn't had to do anything, but wait for someone else to make a mistake and then capitalize on it. I'm not taking anything away from Silva. Why he put yourself in harm's way in order to prove that you can take a punch and still win? Silva won't sit and take a beating. He'll submit you quick before he'll do that. Hendo had it right when they fought. Take the guy down and pound him out! I wonder how that fight would have gone had Hendo not been submitted. Silva probably would have been knocked him out, but that's another comment.
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