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7/4/13 10:55:23AM
As far as Anderson Silva is concerned, his legacy is already complete. But if the UFC middleweight champion can stray from the normal title defenses for one blockbuster, he'd rather it comes against boxer Roy Jones Jr. than with UFC champs Georges St-Pierre or Jon Jones.

Silva (33-4 MMA, 16-0 UFC), who fights undefeated challenger Chris Weidman (9-0 MMA, 5-0 UFC) in Saturday's UFC 162 pay-per-view headliner, would claim his 17th straight UFC win and 11th consecutive title defense if victorious. Yet, heading into the fight, and despite a new 10-fight contract, the 38-year-old has spent a lot of time talking about his legacy.


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7/4/13 2:59:07PM
Seems like much less of a draw though. Maybe he should call out Mayweather
7/4/13 3:25:13PM
If jones jr goes into this seriously and really prepares i see him absolutely DESTROYING Silva

Jones Jr has seen it all. Silvas whole bob and weave tactic he used against griffin will not work on somebody like Jones Jr.
7/4/13 3:50:40PM

Posted by MMAJunkie

"I already went up in weight three times," said Silva, who defeated a trio of 205-pounders in non-title fights. "I have no plans to do that again. My team has athletes of various weight classes, including my own. I think those fighters should be given the opportunity to do their work, especially since I'm not at the start of my career. I'm pretty much near the end of it. I want to maintain the way things are."

In my head that doesn't sound like Silva/Jones will happen whether Dana says so or not....
7/4/13 4:05:40PM
7/4/13 5:05:21PM
If he wants to prove something Andre Ward would be the man to call out. RJJ is completely shot and probably still wins a boxing match.
7/4/13 5:32:45PM
What mma guys need to understand is that the striking game is different in MMA than anywhere else due to all the other things going on. Kicks, elbows, knees, clinching, throwing, sweeping, pulling guard, takedowns...if you can only punch a man from mid ribs up and you have where those big ass gloves it is totally different. I don't think as many people would watch it as he thinks.
7/4/13 7:27:35PM
As much as I wouldn't mind watching Silva/Jones Jr., I'd much rather see a superfight between Silva/GSP or Jon Jones. I can't imagine Anderson would really do very well against Jones Jr. in a boxing match and I'd hate to listen to what everyone from the boxing world would have to say about MMA's pound for pound GOAT getting beaten by Jones Jr., especially while he's way past his prime.

"Roy Jones Jr. is coming to the fight," White on Thursday told "Roy and I are talking."

Oh boy.
7/4/13 8:22:31PM
I don't believe a damn thing Anderson says.

Shouldn't he have retired 4 or 5 fights ago?
7/4/13 11:22:16PM
With Boxing gloves, Silva gets schooled. With mma gloves he might have a chance as Jones defense will be off and Silva could get the 1 punch knock out. Although not a fan of the idea, I would likely watch it.
7/6/13 11:38:48AM
RJJ and Silva are close in age, RJJ can problly draw a ppv as big or bigger than Ward, and he is a big name. That being said I feel like this is a Nick Diaz like attempt to get more money. There is no way there will be a boxing ring at a UFC event. Anderson wants big fights but there is no way he wants to be underneath Jones taking elbows. What Jones did to Machida in the 2nd round was brutal.
7/6/13 12:26:51PM
RJJ isn't a PPV draw anymore. Last PPV fight tanked both in buys and gate, hence why he's fighting on the road more and more.
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