What is Anderson SIlva's Best Finish ever? You choose!

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2/17/11 2:03:11AM
I was gonna post a poll for this, but they only allow 6 choices for it, and It's hard to narrow it down to his 6 best...

Hopefully this makes up for the lack of a poll....

Pride 25 v. Carlos Newton
(Classic Flying Knee KO)

Cage Rage v. Tony Fryklund
(Upward-Back Elbow KO)

UFN 5 v. Chris Leben
(48 second Destruction ending with a KO via knee)

UFC 64 v. Rich Franklin
(Muy thai clinch 101..Broke Franklin's nose and KO'd him with a knee)

UFC 67 v. Travis Lutter
(Submitted a BJJ Blackbelt off his back with a Triangle)

UFC 73 v. Nate Marquardt
(Ground and Pound KO..the flashligh in the face afterward)

UFC 77 v. Rich Franklin
(Classic Combo ending with a Knee TKO)

UFC 82 v. Dan Henderson
(Rear Naked Choke)

UFN 14 v. James Irvin
(Caught the Leg and KO'd Irvin)

UFC 101 v. Forrest Griffin
(KO'd Griffin with a backing-away jab with his hands at his waist)

UFC 117 v. Chael Sonnen
(Triangle in the 5th after losing 4 rounds...hands down best comeback ever)

UFC 126 v. Vitor Belfort
(KO via Front kick to the face)

Those are the most likely choices, but if you can think of another to add, feel free....

My pick is the Forrest Griffin KO. Partly because that was just insane, and partly because he actually broke Forrest Griffin, which everyone thought was impossible until that fight.

What's you picks, Playground?

2/17/11 2:17:22AM
Griffin, with Vitor as a close second and Rich tied with Irvin.
2/17/11 2:43:08AM
I'm not sure I can narrow it down to 1...Fryklund, Leben, Forrest, and Vitor top my list though. You can probably toss in Sonnen as well, not because of the finish itself, but because of the build up to it.
2/17/11 5:36:59AM
I thought the way Anderson right angled Franklin's nose twice are one and two respectively. The front kick to Vitor's face is the third for me.
2/17/11 7:53:02AM
Forrest for how ridiculous it made a solid fighter look
Leben for his (Anderson's) mission statement to the UFC middleweight div.
Fryklund for the lulz
2/17/11 8:40:49AM
Franklin 1 was his most impressive I thought.
2/17/11 9:13:16AM
Chael Sonen just because it was the craziest comeback of all time. No one in the UFC has ever gotten dominated for almost 5 rounds then come back to win. I would have to say Sonnen.
2/17/11 9:53:36AM
Mine is the destruction of Leben. Chris was known for his chin and being almost impossible to ko. Silva made it look easy with a combination of punches, kicks and knees.

The Forrest one was cool but I saw it coming.

Silva's ko of Franklin the first time is number two on my list. The way he handled Rich with his muay thai plum was crazy and Rich's nose on the side of his face is a finish I'll never forget.
2/17/11 10:58:43AM
Forrest, if just because of Forrest running out of the cage afterwards. But seriously, for also giving one of the most underutilized tools in MMA-the jab-some long-overdue cred. That's what some boxing guys who train fighters say we need more of in MMA-the jab. I fully agree.
2/17/11 3:39:22PM
I have to go with the Tony Fryklund elbow KO on this one. I've never seen anything else like it before, and the way the used it made him seem 100% positive that it would work, yet it seems like it would be such a high risk move for anyone else.
2/17/11 4:58:20PM
for the longest time it was the elbow uppercut for me. but the sonnen triangle takes the cake coming so close to losing getting his ass kicked and pulled it out in pretty much the last minute.

edit: in the sonnen fight Silva wad about 2 inches away from landing that same elbow
2/17/11 5:14:09PM
My favorite Silva finish....? Ryo Chonans FLYING SCISSOR HEEL HOOK!! (PRIDE- Shockwave 2004)
2/17/11 6:20:01PM

Posted by Biggz

My favorite Silva finish....? Ryo Chonans FLYING SCISSOR HEEL HOOK!! (PRIDE- Shockwave 2004)

Dammit, you beat me to it.
2/17/11 6:22:38PM
Forrest. I was in awe after that finish.
2/17/11 7:24:45PM

Posted by warglory

Forrest. I was in awe after that finish.

Yep. It was like a cat playing with a ball of yarn. He completely had his way with Forrest. The greatest part was when Anderson was trying to goad Forrest into hitting him and you can literally see Forrest say "I'm trying" as he shrugged his shoulders. Then to finish him with a job like that is purely one of a kind.

2/17/11 7:54:36PM
Front kick to the face FTW.
2/17/11 8:09:41PM
Wow, well everyone seems pretty tied up with Forrest, Franklin, Sonnen

I know I wont get any props for this purely because its not everyones favourite, but what the heck. I am sticking to my guns

His finish of James Irvin was incredible, it showed Silva possessed a sports science, within the first minute he had gaged the reach, worked out the Irvin was willing to throw kicks as well as punches, tricked Irvin into treating him, purely by swapping stances, playing into the spiders web Irvin took the bait threw the left kick into andersons newly exposed right inner thigh, anderson reeled in the web to catch the kick, exposing Irvins unguarded face, dropping Irvin, then swarmed in landing 8 heavy blows whilst picking spots at significant speed, Knocking Irvin out cold.

For me that was just unbelievable. Perfect.
2/18/11 3:05:45PM
Too hard to tell, Watching this guy strike is like poetry in motion, a deadly poem
2/19/11 9:43:24PM
Definately the Fryklund KO followed by the Belfort face kick.
2/19/11 9:51:19PM
Chris Leben for me because of how good his chin is and how many times Silva hit him cleanly before he went down. I don't even think he missed a strike in that fight. Plus it was is first in the UFC.
2/20/11 5:03:05AM
Good series to watch.
2/20/11 9:06:32AM
2/23/11 6:57:39PM
#5 - The upward elbow knockout of Tony Fryklund.
#4 - The beatdown/submission of Dan Henderson by actually rocking him.
#3 - The triangling of Travis Lutter after a sweep then submitted him w/ elbows.
#2 - The front kick of Vitor Belfort heard round the world.
#1 - The triangle/armbar of Chael Sonnen.. everything was great about it.
2/24/11 4:19:14AM
I will take Carlos Newton for different reasons. This was Anderson Silva keeping himself ranked in the top 5 at welterweight. And I like seeing how MMA has changed.
2/24/11 10:21:29PM
How sick is it that this man has this many spectacular finishes to choose from?

For the record, I go Fryklund KO, then Belfort KO. Unorthodox is how Silva just rolls.
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