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6/25/08 3:18:21AM
Nothing against James Irvin I think he is a great fighter with an top notch highlight reel of devastating knockouts. Which is the reason if Anderson Silva beats him in the same manner as his MW opponents it would put him in a good position in the UFC lhw ranks. He could still defend his MW belt at least once a year and still fight twice a year at light heavy . He has said that he wants to fight 3 times a year and if he keeps winning without taking serious damage he could end up fighting for his second title very soon . After sandman how sweet would a fight with Wandy at MW or LHW be. If by then people are still not convinced he could have a fight with loser of Jackson/Griffin or even Rua . Then he would be a clear title contender at lhw in a year or two. I know it is unlikely to be that easy , but the prospect of him being that dominant it is to hard not to play the what if game. If that happens no doubt #1 P4P in the world!! What do you think? What match-ups would be the best???

Silva def. Irvin
A. Silva def. W. Silva
Silva vs. Rua winner fights for title
6/25/08 3:37:54AM
The UFC will make him stay at middleweight for another couple defenses probably. After that it's hard telling. If he really handles Irvin a fight with anyone at LHW would be exciting. After Forrest gets bloodied for 5 rounds I sar Forrest vs Anderson, very exciting. But none of this matters because it is so unpredictable what will happen.
6/25/08 3:54:41AM
i dont really think it means much if anderson beat irvin really. I mean irvin isnt a top guy and if anderson thinks he can get the top guys at lhw, dont think that would happen.

Plus MW is rising fast, so he is going to need to go down there and defend his title.
6/25/08 4:15:09AM
He'll then face and probably beat Okami. Then he'll probably face Rashad Evans or Thiago Silva to bump him a little more up the ladder with a win over a slightly better guy then Irvin. Then he'll probably keep going from their against hopefully a Chuck or Wandy to get into the LHW title picture until Ricardo gets enough wins or Hendo earns a rematch at 185 so then he can have another defense their.

I think he'll stay at both weight classes like Hendo in PRIDE. He'' keep slowly making his way up the LHW ladder against better guys each time while still defending at 185. I don't think he'll ever drop the MW title unless he wins the 205 title(which I don't think he will) and tries his hand at Heavyweight since he'd probably destroy that weight class too regardless if he wins the LHW title or not. I think he'll keep going until Rampage finally stops him. Then he'll go back to 185 and continue to be the best champ in UFC History and maybe try once again at 205 even though IMO the result would still be the same.
6/25/08 8:24:12AM
The only thing i hope is that of he wins against Irvin he should continu to defend his tittle at MW twice a year and fight once or maybee twice if not injured at LHW per year
6/25/08 8:48:00AM
We've heard Dana say, in the recent past, that he hates when fighters are jumping weight classes all the time. Rather than pigeon-hole him and make him stay at MW, they're giving him an opportunity to see what he can do at LHW. If he were to start kicking some serious ass at LHW, then the already active hype machine would go through the roof for A. Silva. But I wouldn't go too far yet. Beating Irvin isn't much of a step in that direction. Beating 2 or 3 LHWs in a row, decisively, is a step in that direction.
6/25/08 10:14:44AM
What do you mean what if?
6/25/08 10:30:44AM

Posted by Evilwig

What do you mean what if?

AGREED - I thought this should be titled - "WHEN Silva beats James Irvin"
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