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8/14/12 10:40:34AM
Back on track kids - - - this thread is about AN-DER-SON!

In his time off, I will surely miss him, kind of like an older brother going off to college while I have two more years left in high will be missed broheem, while you are gone, whether you like it or not, I'm going to "borrow" your Spiderman comics and read them intently while I take my morning dumps .

I envision plenty of Silva family BBQ's in your time off - - - and yes, I received your invitation for this Saturday.

kingsmasher reminds me of someone - - - like a C-Actor in Hollywood (no, not you Rampage)

Is it this guy? Michael Rappaport perhaps.
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8/14/12 5:50:34PM

Posted by telnights
I hate how people discount Silva's skill level. Weidman has only been fighting since 2009 and fought only 9 times his hole professional career. Only 2 of Wiedman's wins have been against top 10 MWs. Silva has been fighting top 10 fighters 2x longer than Weidman has even been fighting. Silva has fought top 10 MW weights 13x and 1 top 10 LHW that was a x-champ. Not only did he beat these fighters he destroyed almost everyone of them. I have never seen a fighter get beat the way he beat Forrest, he made him look like a child.

Silva is a stylistic nightmare for 99% of the MW division and Forrest Griffin. Maybe an aggressive Belfort is the only MW who can strike with Silva. Any top level wrestler has a great chance to beat Silva. Maia, Leites, Cote, Okami are no where near good enough to stand with Silva nor quick and strong enough to take him down. Everyone who tried to stand with Silva got KTFO

Weidman is that top level wrestler. He also has a more polished BJJ game to negate whatever triangle attempts Silva throws and is capable of passing guard. Silva has an overrated guard game. Weidman most likely won't sub Silva but he has decent enough striking to keep Silva off balance. Sonnen's gameplan was to have Anderson on his back by 5 seconds of the opening round. Weidman doesn't need to shoot in right away to be successful. If an out of shape and heavily gassed Travis Lutter can take Anderson down and Sonnen was able to with relative ease, as did Hendo, Weidman can do the same

in no way am I saying this is a lock, but Weidman has a better chance than most against Silva
8/14/12 11:47:27PM
Something big has to be in the works here, I can feel it in my BONES!
8/15/12 7:18:23AM

Posted by kingsmasher

I would bet against you one of us to leave the MMAPlayground forever on that fight....

I just gave my laptop a pearl necklace at the thought of this.

8/15/12 8:58:34AM

Posted by OctagonOnly_com

While I am not convinced that Weidman would be able to beat Anderson, I seriously feel as though Anderson is avoiding a fight with him, and this to me seems like a way to avoid said fight for at least a little while.

Holding out until the end of the year is going to force Weidman to fight somebody else before the end of the year, and either take him out of the picture with a loss, or give Anderson more footage to watch on him as I personally believe that one of Weidman's greatest assets at this point is that we've seen so little of him that we really don't know what all he is capable of. What he did to Munoz in the second round was something that we hadn't seen out of him before, and I think that is what makes him an intriguing match-up. That and his take downs remind me a lot of Edgar's take downs as they just come out of nowhere and leave you on your back; which is a place we all know Anderson doesn't like to be despite winning from it.

A third option by taking until the end of the year off for Anderson is that it allows another contender to rise up for him to take on, again avoiding Weidman. Like I said, I don't know if Weidman has the ability to beat Anderson, but I honestly believe that Anderson doesn't want this fight.

After his match up with Sonnen, Soares was saying that GSP and Franklin were interesting match ups, and completely discredited Weidman. To me this is crap, as we all know what will happen Silva-Franklin 3, and picking Georges over Jon Jones is obvious ducking. The welterweight division is a backed up mess, and the last thing it needs is this fight, where as the 205 is an empty cupboard that welcomes this superfight. Anderson has already fought twice at 205, looked great, but doesn't want to do it any more? C'mon.

I love watching Anderson Silva fight, the guy is the most talented striker MMA has every seen, I just wish he'd let the UFC make his fights for him, and stick to doing what he does best which is winning them.

This is basically how I feel about it. Specifically, I think the bolded part is a very real possibility. Really, the only guy that would be more deserving of a MW shot at the time would be the winner of Belfort-Belcher. With that fight happening in October, it is a very real possibility that the winner passes Weidman, especially due to schedule if Weidman does get booked for another fight between now and then. Bisping-Stann is in September, but neither of those guys is more deserving than Weidman. With a win, Stann would have a two-fight win streak and Bisping would have one. Both have just lost to Sonnen, although Bisping did about as well in a loss as you could have asked. I don't see any way that the Bisping-Stann winner gets moved ahead of Weidman or the Belcher-Belfort winner outside of schedule or injury. With this news, I think Weidman should take a fight with Boetsch. It will be his 3rd straight top 10 opponent and he'll be favored. He runs the risk of getting passed up by the Belfort-Belcher winner, but I think that staying active might be the better move considering Silva won't fight until some time in Q1 2013. Should Weidman win, it will also be his 3rd win over a top 10 guy which is about 2 more than anybody else besides maybe Chael has done to earn a MW title shot recently.
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