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11/17/07 3:40:03PM
Who will the UFC put in front of Anderson Silva next?
11/17/07 3:47:38PM
Until Hendo drops down or Matt Lindland comes over I don't think it matters. The answer is "Nobody who is going to win"
11/17/07 5:30:46PM
That is pretty much going to be the case, nobody will be able to put up enough fight to put him down, I love Silva but it kind of suck because he has no competition, which really limits him and his potential. I don't know, but Travis Lutter gave him some fight, I mean him and Franklin were the only guys able to put him in the second round, but it was Franklin's second time...so who knows?
11/17/07 5:50:08PM
This is real predicament.
Maybe Okami??

Anyone you put against him will really not be fair since they are probably not better than Rich Franklin.

I would even be up for giving Evan Tanner an immediate shot, although I am sure he wants a couple warmups before getting thrown to the lions.
11/17/07 6:31:43PM

Posted by Jackelope

Until Hendo drops down or Matt Lindland comes over I don't think it matters. The answer is "Nobody who is going to win"

agree, there is nobody in the weight class that can match up, i cant even drop a name that would be deserving besides yushin okami but he is leaving. i really hate to say it but if patrick cote beats a formidable opponent in his next fight he may be the only one deserving of a shot, pretty sad.
11/17/07 7:57:51PM
who would win between hendo and linland should get silva
11/17/07 8:21:37PM
Okami. I would think Anderson would want this fight since he holds a loss to Okami (by DQ). I would also like to see Okami and Silva go at it. In their last fight Okami looked to be the better man until Silva got himself DQed.
11/17/07 8:41:03PM
At this stage the only way UFC tries to really hype Andersons next fight, is if its against Chonan (if he beats Karo), and moves up to fight for the championship. Also have the Chonan flying scissor heel hook highlight (thats a mouthfull) to play over and over and over again.
It will be hard to really bring hype to an Anderson Silva fight if the opponent is Franklin, MacDonald, and pretty much any MW at this time.

I also agree with people saying Hendo.. but I would rather see him stay at LHW, and Bisping for that matter.

11/17/07 9:24:48PM
Okami has the ONLY chance until Hendo drops down and the UFC signs Lindland. I would say Lawler to but I want to see him get past Frank & Cung Lee first.

If Okami can get him down and control those long as legs and LNP. He has a good shot. BUt that's easier said then done.
11/18/07 12:13:19AM
I'm not sure anymore, now that Okami has signed with K1 and will not be back in the UFC (unless the sources i read were false)

Ive got to go with Hendo if he drops, until then..nobody
11/18/07 1:45:13AM
Silva has dominated almost every opponent he has faced so far. I really don't see anyone coming close unless Henderson drops down. Only way I see Silva losing is by him getting caught or by a dominant wrestler holding him down and gnp. But I don't see that in the near future. IMO Silva is the best pound for pound fighter in the world.
11/18/07 2:53:59AM
I believe Okami is gone now that Dana and the boys didn't want to renew his contract. Makes sense though, 5-1 record, gave their middleweight golden boy a tough fight for his only loss and pretty much dominated everyone else. Although K-1 is known to offer people ludicrous amounts of money, so I wouldn't be surprised if they threw a shitload at Okami and UFC just could not (or would not) match it.
11/18/07 10:04:12AM
It will be Dan Henderson.
11/18/07 11:13:37AM
I think Travis Lutter is the only real threat to Anderson Silva.
11/18/07 2:44:56PM
Henderson was announced as his next opponent Ufc 82
11/18/07 7:22:35PM
Lol @ this thread.. If the OP would've waited another day, he could answer the question himself.
11/19/07 1:22:21AM
i think dan henderson should be the favorite in this fight. unless the weight cut drains dan too much he will be tough to beat @ 185
11/19/07 3:59:47AM
I'm picking Hendo by decision in this fight.
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