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4/10/10 10:54:32PM
Let me quickly preface this by referencing a thread from several months back were the topic of bad dreams was discussed. I remember sharing how at times I have had dreams regarding work and facing an enemy so fierce that my bullets seem too slow, and weak to cause damage and I'm unable to move fast enough to escape danger myself. I recall several other playground members having similar themed dreams where the content may be work related, or related to fighting.

This was all I could think about while watching the Silva/Maia fight tonight. I can only imagine that Maia felt the exact same sense of hopelessness for the duration of the 25 minutes he had to stand in there and face Silva. I mean seriously, in the dreams that I've had it doesn't matter how many round of ammo I spend. They're either too slow or simply harmless. It doesn't matter how fast I move to engage or retreat. My enemy is always one step ahead. My enemy laughs and toys with my fears knowing that he/she/it (guess I've never even been able to recall who or what it is I'm fighting by the time I wake up) could destroy me at any given moment if it really wanted to. I don't think I've ever made it through one of these dreams to know the actual outcome (generally awake well before that happens).

This has to be the same feeling that Demian had tonight. I didn't matter what he through at Anderson, his punches almost never landed and when they did it they obviously had no real impact. Every time Maia shot in he must have felt like he was moving in quicksand. Silva simply brushed him away. And the taunting that Silva threw down could have only led Maia to believe that Silva could end the fight at any given time if he really wanted to.

The figurative nightmare is over for Maia now. But somehow I've got doubts that the final bell of the literal nightmare of reliving this fight in his mind will be rung anytime soon.
4/11/10 1:55:26AM
My nightmare was watching Silva toy with Maia and not finish the fight. I didn't think this was dancing with the mma stars.
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