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5/7/11 1:45:11PM
******Listen to video on high volume for best viewing. Thanks!*********
The pound for pound best fighter in the world, after so called "lack luster" wins over Cote ,Leites and then Maia. Anderson is out to show why he is the champion and to silence the critics once and for all.

This Makes me wonder why gsp recieves all glory even though he's not finish'ing fights.

Link Below in Grappler's comment! Thanks man!
5/7/11 2:09:04PM
5/7/11 2:12:58PM
lmao thank you
5/7/11 3:03:51PM
Great video. To be honest I've seen all of Silva's fights (except the Leites fight) and I haven't thought any of them were boring. He's a very dynamic fighter and has pulled off some pretty great finishes in his career.
5/7/11 3:19:12PM
Ya I totally agree that silva has delivered on all his fights for me. Dana and some of the stupid fans who dont know **** were giving crap after the maia fight mostly. Since like water had recently come out (which followed the so called controversy) I made this. Glad you watched it and I hope you liked it :D My account has 2 other silva videos , have time check them out!
5/7/11 5:32:39PM
Whatever man....I don't give either fighter credit for when they have had bad showings....I will never support Silva during nor after a fight that he spends so much time showboating that he actually makes me want to turn it off and ask for my money back! Nor will I cheer for GSP when he LNP's a lesser grappler like Hardy for 5 rounds, this too makes me want to change the channel or just go hang out with the crowd of less informed, overly drunk part time fans in the back of my house. I personally only have enough heart in me to support guys who I feel are exciting and fun to watch. The may be the best in the world but they certainly aren't my favorites.
5/7/11 6:05:55PM
I totaly see your view on that.. I have a soft sport for anderson because he really was the first mma fighter that restored my faith in watching mma fights.. No longer were they doing to be lay and hump fights.. This guy was out to deliver a message.. I agree he show boated in the maia fight.. but he was really just going off in technique and I think he was sick of people giving him grief.. But your right there are alot of great fighters out there.. And I dont like shitty fights either..
5/7/11 6:33:15PM
I've hated on more than one Champion who didn't perform well though....Sherk for his LNP, Timmay for his Jab n' Pray, I am kind of a hater that way sometimes.
5/7/11 9:11:34PM
haha hey we are tuning in to see a show , regardless of price sometimes it's boring as **** and a waste of time. I think the biggest problem is how much they hype champions and fights.. I just belive in anderson though. Rest are fake champions to me
5/8/11 7:49:13AM
fake champions
5/8/11 5:49:32PM

Posted by leguardian

Rest are fake champions to me

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