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8/10/09 2:14:59AM
Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida are what the future of MMA will look like. They are the greatest strikers in MMA today. All around, they are the finest strikers. How do you define a great striker? Here is my take. Anyone can go out there adn throw the toughest punches. But what about someone who is able to DODGE an opponents strikes?

What makes Lyoto and Anderson so far ahead of everyone else is that they are so good at dodging and countering. These guys grew up with elbows, kicks, knees, and punches. Look at all the other strikers in MMA, and MMA's history, who is even close to these two?

Look at the top guys in boxing. It's called the sweet science because anytime you throw any punch, you leave a hole open. And if your opponent is good, he shuld be able to dodge and capitalize on you.This is what Andy and Lyoto do. They have brought MMA striking to a new level.

Take a look...

< See how he moved right to the side to avoid Cote's jab, then threw a strait right down the pipe.
< Saw the kick coming, caught it, already was winding up a power strait. Right on the chin
< Dodged all three punches with ease, threw strait directly at chin.
< Saw the kick coming, checked the leg, and landed a punch in Rashad's opening.
< It's better to slow down and watch it. But Rashad threw out his hand, Lyoto dodged and threw a strait, landed on the chin.

Compare it to a few of these. Do you think Anderson or Lyoto could ahev dodges any of these punches?

Chuck Vs Alistair
Hendo vs Bisping
Shogun vs Chuck
8/10/09 6:00:58AM
great post man. its showing EXACTLY why boxing is STILL one of the best arts to know and master. anderson gos out there and keeps every fight on the feet forcing wrestlers to strike with him and they lose. all i goto say is if mayweather knew any ground game his fights would prob be the same. he is IMO leaps and bounds above anderson / lyoto in the striking with hands. im willing to bet with just 1 year of sub defence and wrestling mayweather would dominate at 145.
8/10/09 11:40:12AM
there was no dodging that punch from chuck. 1 mean ass right hand he has. i wish chuck fought anderson in his prime, that would of been a war. as for shoguns punch chuck seen it just couldent get out of the way. Hendo KO was one of the top 5 ever IMO. EVERY1 knew that punch was comming even bispings corner, anderson would of never been circling towards dans right hand. BUT if that hit anderson good night. that right would KO any one.
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