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4/9/07 11:25:23AM

Now that it’s behind us and the reality of the situation has set in, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was an upside to this unlikely turn of events. While I don’t envy Joe Silva now that the welterweight division has turned into the Wild West, I do think this particular upset will help the sport in terms of fan and maybe even fighter expectations
4/10/07 1:37:46PM
I like that the WW division is stacked. I like that Serra proved so many people wrong and out struck GSP.

But sadly I don't think Serra will hold the belt for long. I hope he taps out Hughes, though.

Kos would lose to any of the top WW fighters ... BJ Penn, Hughes, GSP, or Matt Serra. Kos would take Serra down and get tapped out. Penn would knock Kos out, Hughes would GnP Kos, and GSP would just destroy him.

Kos would have a chance, though. He'd have to do what he does and take people down and lay on them for five rounds.
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