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3/2/07 5:30:43PM
IOWA CITY, Ia. -- The latest buzz around boxing is the fear that Mixed Martial Arts and in its various evolutions will replace boxing as the number combat sport.

6/18/08 5:45:25PM
Interesting Article... i am surprised no one else has responded to it yet.. Aside from the lack of proper grammer for a professional writer.. it is a decent article and this was written by a boxing guy... and I agree and disagree... AS of right now.. yea Boxing can hold more appeal to the basic person who does not yet understand grappling... it can seem unexciting and well at sometimes rather dull...... But as fans are exposed more and more to MMA and grappling... and understand more the complexities of grappling and how small movments can mean big advantages it will become more exciting... if MMA does not get into the BS boxing has had in the past it will eventually over take boxing.. or at least come up to par.. espically as more and more states and countries get into it... ....
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