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2/8/13 12:13:48PM
With his long-desired Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight title fight secured after his win over Donald Cerrone at UFC on FOX 6, Anthony Pettis felt it was time to drop down to the featherweight division and challenge for that title, instead.

While many felt the move was unwarranted and confusing all at the same time, "Showtime" was gifted the 145-pound title fight by the UFC, which is set to go down this August.

That's right around the same time the winner of Ben Henderson vs. Gilbert Melendez would likely be ready to defend their 155-pound title after battling on April 20, 2013 at UFC on FOX 7.

So why the drop?

Did Pettis see a weakness in Aldo's game during his bout against Frankie Edgar at UFC 156? Is "Showtime" avoiding a potential rematch against current 155-pound champion, Ben Henderson?

The Roufusport-trained fighter spoke to to break it all down:

"The biggest reason I never went down to 145 was because of my teammate, Erik Koch. He was right there for a title shot, he almost fought Aldo. I always knew I could make '45, but I was wrecking things at '55 and I never had to drop down. I've been reading some of the blogs and people are claiming I'm scared to fight Henderson, but it's nothing like that. It wasn't anything that I saw during the fight, like he (Aldo) had a weakness in his game or I could beat him here or do this to him. Aldo's a great fighter and I'm in this game to fight the best and fight the fights that people want to see. I think all the fans want to see this fight, I can make '45. You have one of the toughest guys in his division just wrecking it and he's considered one of the top pound-for-pound fighters. That right there just amuses me and has me interested in this fight."

2/8/13 12:30:26PM
He's not scared at all. He doesnt want to wait for a shot. And you never know with the UFC, Melendez and Henderson have a close fight and the have a rematch, hes screwed. It happened once when he came over from WEC.
2/8/13 12:52:58PM
Mr. Aldo scared of BENdecision? Paleeeze!!

Listen, the only thing Jose is afraid of is his sisters rolling him into a barbecue pit.

- - - I am a believer in Jose Aldo - - -
2/8/13 1:58:54PM
Agreed. There's no fear here among any of the fighters involved. Aldo / Pettis is a fantastic matchup, as are Bendo / Pettis and Bendo / Aldo. The match is moving a bit more quickly than they usually seem to do, but that's okay. Aldo and Pettis are young and healthy, so now's the perfect time to keep them active.

Plus, the LW division's getting some real talent in Gil Melendez, Jorge Masvidal, etc., and we're seeing guys like TJ Grant step up out of nowhere and progress in a scary good way.

Great time for the LW and FW divisions.
2/8/13 2:00:56PM
Hey if you can get an immediate title shot, why not do it...
2/8/13 3:12:53PM
i actually like the pettis/aldo matchup better than him fight bendo. if he loses to aldo though, i think he should move back up and fight bendo. im sure bendo wants to revenge that loss too
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