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6/19/08 2:17:45PM
This episode, filmed so many months ago, feels like it happened yesterday. Now, reliving this on the eve of the finals, the live conclusion to our season, the reality starts to sink in a bit. With each episode that aired, I was brought back to the inane possibility that this experience was real, already etched so vividly in my mind.

My fight with C.B. was the biggest test for me up to this point. I went into deeper waters than I had ever been, and I feel I came out stronger from the experience. Plus I got a cool new scar.

6/19/08 2:28:50PM
Pobably my favorite guy from this season. Reminds me of Forrest. Just has a quirky sense of humor and doesnt take things too seriously but comes to fight with a lot of heart. i really hope he wins and even if he doesnt he should get a contract anyways because he already beat CB and i think he would be a breathe of fresh air for the ufc.
6/19/08 2:57:17PM
i'm sure we'll see him in the ufc either way. seems like a very cool dude.
6/19/08 3:07:45PM
Amir is awesome, I didnt care for CB at all but I was still thinking he would win the fight. I loved when Amir caught that arm bar. I definately see Sadollah in the UFC whether he wins or not in the finale. Cool guy
6/19/08 3:10:11PM
This guys a real fighter...whether he wins the rematch or not I think we'll be seeing good things from him in the UFC in the future.
6/19/08 3:50:34PM
yea the 1st guys right i do see alot of forrest in him ... both take ass whoppings like no other and have od heart hes my fav from this season and i was kinda sad he had to fight cb didnt think he could win but he shocked me hes the man

6/20/08 10:21:16AM
i see amir winning the rematch. he can take a punch like a champ and has good cardio, whereas cb gases after about a round and a half. but like everyone else has been saying, he's gonna get a contract whether he wins or looses
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