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4/17/08 2:58:16AM
4/17/08 3:25:07AM
I was wondering what the hell JT was doing when I saw him drinking that energy drink.

He looked like he was freakishly strong in there. Dolce looked pretty strong in his first fight, and JT made him look like a weakling out there. Weak JJ skills if you ask me, though. Dolce's arm was hanging out the whole time for him to take an armbar from the back mount. I was going nuts screaming at my TV "Take it, take it!!!!" haha

Not to sound like a total hater or that I could do any better though. I was still impressed with his strength and strong wrestling ability.
4/17/08 6:56:18AM
yeahi think that he (jesse) is just a big dumb wreslter.. dumb because i cant ever rememeber drinking to huge inergy drinks before gettingo n themat.. damn.. not smart hahaha.. but i guess if it works.

i thought he was less boring than i imagined a wresltedr at his level would be. I say that he should stick to his game plan more and work more wreslting/ gnp
he should crisp up his gnp and work for a few more years on hi9s jits..his ground will be good haha. but who am i>?
4/17/08 6:40:39PM
Good to hear some behind the scenes stuff since the shows are heavily edited.
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