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6/12/08 2:19:52AM
Check out what Amir had to say about last night's first semifinal episode:
6/12/08 10:44:29AM
It was a touching night.
I got a warm fuzzy feeling listening to Tim and Jesse talk about each other and their families.

*tear runs down cheek*

6/12/08 10:50:17AM
I'm glad Amir included some of JT's poetry. JT's poetry is amazing
6/12/08 11:10:46AM
that poem was exuberant!
6/12/08 12:18:01PM

that poem was exuberant!

That is hilarious.

JT turned out to be one of the funniest guys on the show. Amir has definitely became one of my favorite guys on the show as well (fighting and personality-wise) and his blogs are a good read.
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