Who should Amir fight next? (granted he wins his next fight)

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POLL: Who should he fight?
Kendall Grove 29% (7)
Drew Mcfedries 4% (1)
Allen Belcher 17% (4)
Matt Horwich 4% (1)
Allesio Sakara 21% (5)
Move to Welterweight. 25% (6)
10/25/08 5:48:35AM
Who would you like him to fight next? I want him to fight Kendall Grove. It would be a cool fight for him and it would be cool to see him avenge his late trainer's last loss.(evan tanner was assistant trainer at xtreme couture while amir trained for the finale) i didn't pick very big name guys because he really doesn't deserve them...yet but ya feel free to correct me on any names or add your own.
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10/25/08 7:04:09AM
Can he cut to Welterweight what dose he walk around at?
10/25/08 7:13:19AM
im not sure what his walking weight is but he has made comments on maybe trying welterweight Interview
10/25/08 2:24:27PM
I'd want 2 c Kendal vs Amir,,, but I think if Drew loses to Thales, it might b against Drew instead.
10/25/08 2:34:12PM
For me it's a little early to talk Amir vs anyone. I want to see how he handles his next opponent. He looks a little soft and could definitely cut to 170... and should. I think he'd be a lot faster with better cardio. I know he likes to strike, but his JJ is really what got him through the TUF house. But Amir should fare well in whatever weight class he's in. He's starting off well rounded and in time could become great. Way to support your man Haggis.
10/25/08 3:50:52PM
10/26/08 1:02:17PM
I don't even have confidence in Amir to say that he would win his next fight. He has a tough fight coming up, but either win or lose I say he drops down to welterweight. He looks too small for middleweight IMO.
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