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POLL: What as a bigger factor in Amirs lose?
Johny being on his game 33% (25)
being at WW 0% (0)
Having not fought in a year and a half 30% (23)
All the injurys hes had 1% (1)
Bad ref. call 36% (27)
8/24/09 12:03:29AM

Posted by MMA-San

Johnny Hendricks will fight for the title by the end of was only a matter of time, bad ref call or not.

Pretty bold.
8/28/09 10:02:52PM
To all the people that voted he lost because of a bad ref call. There is no way he could have recovered from that. Hendricks would have finished him some other way easily in the condition he was in.
8/28/09 10:10:20PM

Posted by george112

Posted by juggernautakira

Posted by Aaronno9

The biggest factor was incompetent reffing. He could see well enough to know Amir was out and the fight needed to be stopped, but he couldnt see the shots landing right on the back on Amirs head? Good one!

Ive always been a doubt of Amir, but even the short period we got to see he looked very sharp with his strikes. I think another thing which could be included on the list is pure lack of experience. Lets not forget, it was the guys second pro fight, first fight on a PPV card.

Christ o mighty, thank you!

And whats with this shi.t about him being out? He got caught with a tough punch and went down. Last I heard, this isnt boxing or some karate tournament. When someone goes down, it doesnt mean they are done. The sorry bast.ard can take a punch as we all know from the show. In any case, hes a beginner and a good beginner at that. It is WAY too early to say he sucks.

yes we all know he can take a punch.but the point im trying to make.(and a majority of others).is that he just wasnt on the same level as hendricks.even without the early stoppage give it 10 to 20 seconds longer and the result would have been the same.

I agree with this completley
8/30/09 11:29:12AM

Posted by MMA-San

Posted by adamsb

Posted by MMA-San

Johnny Hendricks will fight for the title by the end of was only a matter of time, bad ref call or not.

wow jumping on the bandwagon fast now. dont get me wrong hendricks is a good fighter but hes not on the level of some of the top fighters like gsp, alves, and fitch

Not bagwagoning at all. I've wrestled Hendricks twice...they were the most embarassing matches I've ever had. I did better against Cain Valasquez.

In the collegiate wrestling circuit, Hendricks is like what Hulk Hogan is to professional wrestling.

Old and Divorced?
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