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6/21/08 11:20:21PM
yeah! submitted CB the exact same way!! hahaha!

6/21/08 11:34:47PM
Good, I won that one. The thing that sucks is I know I shouldn’t be on here yet, but I just can’t stay away from the playground. (Great, I just made myself sound like a pedophile.)
With the cable company I am with I don’t get to see the fights for another hour and a half, Where Holt sees them three hours before me.
And we live an hour away from each other.
6/21/08 11:35:57PM
You gotta love the guy he's what this is all about. I'm so glad that jarhead didnt win. Props AMIR!!!
6/22/08 1:31:27AM
I thought I had changed my pick for Amir but I didn't. Go Amir.
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